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Bridesmaids - when it's not a tradition to have any!

I am having a wedding in greece and its not a common thing to have bridesmaids here, actually no one ever has any!


I have my friends from the UK coming and my 2 best friends I would like them to have a special role for the day but we don't have bridesmaids in Greece so if they wear the same dress it will look stupid and people would think they have the same dress by mistake and will make them feel uncomfortable.


Any ideas on how I make them feel special on the day and give them an honorary role? HAs anyone done anything similar before?


Thank you

xxx Dina


  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455


  • dina6dina6 Posts: 2

    Do you mean to ask them to read something like a poem at the party? Do you think I could also ask one of them to do a mini speech?x Usually it's the best man doing that but why not asking a bridesmaid too?

  • MissDizzleMissDizzle Posts: 56 New bride

    You could have them in different dresses but the same colour or same dress in different colour or have them do a reading? I'm getting married in France and if I had all the people I want as bridesmaids as bridesmaids it'd pretty much leave no guests. Instead I'm planning on have them be part of the wedding in other ways, I'll ask some to do a reading in the ceremony, one will be a witness. Maybe you could involve them in other ways? 

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    Why not just have them join you for the getting ready part and then do a reading during the ceremony or reception. Just explain to them that you'd like them to be bridesmaids but in different dresses due to Greek custom 

  • vp17vp17 Posts: 2

    Hi Dina

    im getting married in Greece this year to a Greek. Nobody has said anything about finding it strange i'll have bridesmaids, in fact theyve all said they are excited to see as it's not typical for them to have bridesmaids!

    My bridesmaids will be in the same dress and will be part of the ceremony I.e doing the rings and/or exchanging the stefana. Can you get your friends to do something like that? x 

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