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Hello everyone & thank you for taking the time to read my post.

My fiance & I have decided on our location, which is Santorini and the year, May 2019 but we're in need of a little guidance as to where shall we start! 

We're unsure whether to have our wedding at a hotel along with the reception or do we hold our reception in one of the local tavernas/restaurants etc? We've read that it can be more cost effective if we choose a local eaterie but if anyone can clarify this, we would be very grateful. 

We're on a budget like all couples & at this stage were still a little unsure on numbers.

The same goes for florists, hair & beauty etc. We would be so appreciative for all comments & assistance. 

There will also be children attending, she's ranging from 2 - 14.

Thank you in advance  



  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    First of all, decide your budget. Weddings in Santorini can be very expensive so you need to be realistic so you don't start looking over budget.

    Have a look at some planners. Many use Nikos Sirigos, I think I'll be using Ann Vefaidou (spelt something like that!!) They will do various packages that you can choose if you would like it to be organised for you, or look for people yourself and just pay them for the legalities.

    Best place for value and activity alike is Kamari. You will be able to find reasonable places here and travel to Fira/Oia to visit and for wherever you choose to get married.

    Flowers are extremely expensive as they import them from Holland. Many brides choose to take their own artificial ones. If not, speak to Betty's Flower or Santorini flowers.

    If you are thinking of having the reception in a restaurant have a look at the Panorama Restaurant as it offers a different view of the Caldera being on the Akrotiri side but is really beautiful. No idea on cost though I'm afraid, just assuming slightly cheaper being out of Fira/Oia.

    If you search the forum there are lots of santorini threads. I wrote one earlier this year about my trip.

    There is also a santorini brides FB group :)

  • Hi Nikki 92,

    I am a photographer based in the island and I can recommend you some very good tips to avoid some cost:

    1. You can choose a ceremony in a great terrace with caldera view but try to find an economy venue like Andromeda or Santa Irini, those 2 have half price than others and the view there is amazing as all the venues in caldera of Santorini.

    2. Try to find not a very famous florist which you will find it in the first page of google. If you will book the ceremony and reception in the same venue you will avoid some costs like trasnfer the guests from one place to another, some venues can have everything, rooms-ceremony terrace and reception, those are Rocabella, Andromeda, Dana Villas, Santorini Princess. 

    3. About food and reception one of the best restaurants in Santorini is Pyrgos which makes also economy packages.

    Hope those helps you for start, and if you looking for good and economy photographer + videographer try to check our latest work in instagram facebook and vimeo and we can make you free drone + free next day with %20 better price. Our email is [email protected]

    Ben from Wedding Stories 

  •  Hi congratulations for your upcoming wedding,


    I would definetely choose Pyrgos resturant because of it's prices in combination with quality for reception and party, and i would recomment also a great terrace for your ceremony!

    I am George Stavropoulos,


    I am working at Santorini, and all over Greek Islands as a wedding dj, lighting Company. 


    If you have not booked a wedding dj, lighting, sound and effect company we are at your disposal


    If you have the time to take a look to our job there is a link below.



    If you need more details about venue etc, i will be more than happy to help anyway i can!


    at : [email protected]


    If you wish to find a planer i can suggest wedding in Greece (John Pasaris owner) is the man for everything you need!


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