What Greek Island for small, intimate wedding?

Hello! My partner and I are looking to get married on one of greeces island, just us two. But we aren't interested in the bigger party type islands or Santorini. Anyone have any other thoughts?

It would be a civil ceremony with just us two, perhaps at a beautiful villa or boutique hotel were we could take pictures at white washed chapels, along sandy beaches and in colourful towns. We will probably use a wedding planner to help with paper administration (we are from U.K and Ireland), photographer recommendations, hair and make up, flowers, restaurant/private chef bookings etc. Basically we would like an island that does have things to see and do but not touristy or party-party. 

We plan on doing an island hoping holiday/honeymoon as part of the trip. Milos has peeked our interest but do you guys have any other suggestions? Thanks! Also this would be for 2018 or 2019, we have no specific dates yet. 


  • Have you thought of Crete?

    Its beautiful and not so touristy

  •  Hei :)

    you wedding plan sounds so great. Maybe, you like me to photograph your wedding. If it fits in my portfolio, I can photograph it very cheap, because I really love that region and a wedding there would make me very happy.

    Here are some photos of mine:


    Greetings, Annika

  • Skiathos!! Without a doubt. It’s a stunning island and the set of Mamma Mia! Go check it out definitely! 

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    We are getting married in Skala, Kefalonia Aug 2018. It's a beautiful island, not commercialised at all. Beautiful beaches and scenery. Lots of options for wedding venues from beaches/Olive groves/private villas/boats and breathtaking cliff views over the Ionian Sea! 

    We have got a wedding planner names Donna from Kefalona Weddings she has been great so far and very helpful, she is an English lady but has lived in Kefalonia for many years. I have posted on the forum "Kefalonia wedding 2018" hoping this may answer a few more of you're questions. 

    Lots of luck



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