Anyone have an recommendations for venues in Tuscany?


We got engaged a week ago..

On our 10 year anniversary. 

We are looking at venues in Tuscany ideally for October 2019.

We have a budget of £10,000 in mind, 50-60 guests.

Is this realistic? 

Look forward to your responses. x



  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride


    We are also looking at Tuscany having recently got engaged. I'm finding it is all dependant on the kind of venue you want - a lot of places include accommodation or have a minimum 2 or 3 night hire and includes 20-30+ sleeping places which obviously pushes the price up and we have decided is not for us as we don't want people to be pressured in to where they stay, for how long and also have the issue of how to 'charge back' the rooms that are included in the venue cost.

    One planner we contacted was 5k for their fee alone and suggesting photographers of 12000 euros so I think if you're using a planner, look around and find someone who is more used to working with smaller budgets.

    We are budgeting for 100 guests and have been advised that we're looking at £25k which includes flowers, decoration, catering, venue fees, paperwork, guest transport, planner fees (£2.5k), etc.  A lot of money without outfits, travel or a honeymoon so we are looking at ways of cutting it down as to be honest even if we can save that much, it's just too much on one day especially knowing how these things can creep up with time. Also hoping that the Euro rate improves between now and when we have to pay for a lot of things!

    We have been advised that for a traditional sit down 3-4 course meal with aperitifs and drinks we should budget between 80-120 euros per head but that that includes chair covers and some decorations which I think is pretty good, especially if you can get it to the lower end. 


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    We got married at San Galgano Abbey and used Marry Me in Tuscany as our wedding planner. You can see the blog she did on her website of our wedding. Her prices vary from 500 to help with  paperwork and translation on the day through to 3500 for a fully coordinate and planned wedding. 

    Some of the planners were very expensive and didn't really do bespoke.

    Our budget started at £10, went to £15 and was eventually  £19k but we paid for everything for all of our guests flights, accommodation and meals. But she has so many venues for all budgets.

    I haven't done a wedding report yet as we only have a few of our official photographs and want to wait till we have all of them, but check out my planning thread Our Big Little wedding 

  • Thank you for your replies Ashley & Victoria, 

    I have been speaking with Slow Dreams regarding our wedding in Italy.. 

    So far Tuscany has come up very expensive, mainly due to accommodation & minimum nights stay.. 

    We also dont want to dictate where our guests stay as we will not be covering accommodation & travel.

    At the moment we are looking at Piedmont which is a countryside/Vineyard location , however we would need to fly to Milan from Bristol then travel from Milan To Turin, then Turin to Piedmont where the venues are..

    Around 3 hours on trains after landing 

    Im wondering if this is a logistical nightmare for guests? 

    However some people marry in the Caribbean which would be much longer spent travelling.. 

    I need to remember it's our wedding & the people who want to be there will be there.. 

    I am waiting to get some prices from Slow Dreams on the 3 venues we like the look of..

    My heart is set on Italy, however we might look at Portugal or Spain if we can't get within budget in Italy. 


  • maika83maika83 Posts: 30

    Hi October,


    a friend of mine found great help from an independent Wedding Planning agency called Weddings on demand.


    They are english mother tongue and are really comfortable with smaller budget. 

    By the way their fee should be around 1.300 euros.....quite cheap compared to the prices you wrote.


    Drop them an email, i'm sure they can help!


  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    We have found there are some places in Tuscany that are gorgeous and are only within 30 minutes from Florence which has a huge range of accommodation to suit all budgets and it also isn't far from Pisa which has a lot of budget airline flights to/from London where most of our guests will be flying from. There definitely are places that do just day hire as opposed to having accommodation you just need to be specific with your planners that that's what you want. I think there are a LOT of places with accommodation so it's just more common to come across them.

    Personally 3 hours on trains etc would be too much for me to ask of guests but that's personal, if you think the majority of your guests won't have an issue (and would hire cars etc) then it's fine if that's where you love. Like you said, whoever wants to be there will be there. You just have to accept that some won't which made me feel guilty at first for even considering abroad but I've got over pretty quickly!

    You could also look in to organising a coach or something if you could get family to coordinate arrival times which I am going to try and encourage my lot to do. Safety in numbers ha! 


  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    That is a logistical nightmare, we are well travelled and it wouldn't phase us but some of our gurests struggled and that was straightforward. Also if you go for a villa how will guests get to and from as not everyone will drive abroad.

    Contact at least 3 planners, with the same spec - slow dreams were one of the ones I contacted but didn't choose. Also if you don't want minimum stay or dictate where your guests stay look at a city Florence is stunning, Siena beautiful and then you have the medieval town of Lucca all will have amazing venues for the wedding and then places to have your reception. 

  • Jackie46Jackie46 Posts: 7

    Hi Girls,

    I'm going to get married in Italy in September!

    When we started planning our destination wedding, we contacted a number of planners, and decided upon Danila of Dama Weddings for several reasons. Danila was incredibly responsive and helpful, exchanging over 40 emails with us even prior to us choosing her as our planner. We skyped her, and her professionalism and organization made us confident we selected the right person. Supportive, enthusiastic, and passionate about her work. Nothing is too much trouble and our budget is listened to and observed most attentively.

    The company  is based in different areas of Italy: included Tuscany and Piedmont.

    So, if you're looking for a wedding planner in Italy, we would highly recommend Dama Wedding!

  • October2019bride


    I'm getting married in Rome, May 2018.

    Rome and its countryside area are pretty affordable and definitely cheaper than Tuscany. If you need details, write me and I will be happy to share what I know!

    Btw, is there any other bride marrying in Rome soon?



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