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Why is it ...

That just because I am having a wedding abroad people assume i am not having a BIG Do ..Okay so maybe here wont be 200 people attending and i wont have a HUGE venue this doesn't mean that i am not doing it properly ....


Dont you find it annoying how every book you read has half a page of it with a little bit on weddings abroad and assumes that you are just having a dodgy conveyor belt wedding ......

I am so fed up with people who dont understand that just because we want to go abroad doesn't me we are not doing it properly just means that i want to guarantee some bloomin' sunshine lol ( beach preferable as well) going abroad does not also mean that i will be bungee jumping/scuba diving while taking our vows either !!!

Is it just me or are their other abroad brides out there who find this equally as annoying ?


  • bigkidfobigkidfo Posts: 72
    i completely agree! the amount of arguments I have had about how we are not going away just to do it cheaply!! i still want things like favours, table plans, and things you generally have here!

    Our reason for going abroad is like you said- sunshine! that and my fiance has a huge family and we didn't want that many at the actual ceremony!!

    Bit of advice - ignore people or it will drive you demented!! I have only just realised this and I now use the line " its our wedding, we are doing what WE want, if you cant come we'll see you at the party at home!!". my new attitude seems to be working!!!

  • fenessefenesse Posts: 33
    Hi ladies

    I'm not getting married abroad but I wqas extremely lucky enough to go to a friend's wedding in South Africa last year and it was fab! The weather was perfect and the day was absolutely beautiful. The real bonus too was that it was far cheaper out there so the bride and groom were able to get far more for their money, making the day more luxurious than it would have been had they got married in the UK. They also had a very traditional wedding (church service, reception, disco afterwards etc) but with a very South African feel and so the assumption that a wedding abroad = a conveyor belt wedding is simply not true!

    From this experience, I'd say just ignore the negative comments and enjoy your wedding abroad. It's a personal choice and whilst it might not be everybody's choice, it's yours and thats what counts.

    Good luck for your special day, wherever it is

  • Hello,

    I agree with you, we are getting married abroad and we are going all out. We are getting married abroad to make it last a week not a day and so people I don't actually know won't be there. I am trying to sort out some kind of entertainment for the night, so it is not just like another night on holiday after the meal but no where seems to mention these things. I said about having a dj ( we are getting married in a villa) and my friends said it might be a bit weird with only 20 of us, but I don't want to sit around a cd player or be asking someone to find our first dance song and put it on.

    Sick of buying magazines which have it on the front cover weddings abroad special to have 1 page on it.

    Any ideas on entertainment by the way???
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Not sure what to suggest i think you could have a DJ sod what people think ..I am only having 50 people max and definetley want to have the works ...the way i see it i will be surrounded by the people we love and care for so why not go all out !!!!!

    Mrs E 2b have to say i love the idea of a Villa that is so personal and intimate xx
  • Aww thank-you Littlebobo.

    Your right I am going to have a DJ, it will make it more of an event won't it.

  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Definetley people will think blimey this is something else not just a TYPICAL wedding abroad image
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    I TOTALLY agree! In this issue of Y&YW the cover mentioned weddings abroad so i thought "finally!" only to find it to be a 2 page thing on throwing a party when you get home image

    as it happens we are having almost 200 people anyway (in France). We are only going abroad because we didn't find anywhere that we loved here - and most places in the UK insist on ending at midnight!

    it's costing us as much if not more but we're getting 3 days in a gorgeous chateau for the same cost as 1 evening (ending at 12!) in a UK venue

    I think we're the most lucky and clever people - having a wedding abroad image hehe
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    LOL Mrs Rafique2b have to say i agree with you weddings abroad dont seem any cheaper to me apart from the fact that you can in some cases limit the no of people who attend..

    We looked at france as it meant we could have more people etc but did not want to do the 40 day stay and so on ..are you or h2b french ?
  • Exactly!!

    what are you doing Littlebobo?
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    no - we're having a v small civil ceremony here first. H2B is muslim so we will have a big white wedding ceremony in front of everyone in France - we'll incorporate the muslim ceremony and do our own vows and readings and have an interfaith blessing like we would in the UK

    that way we get the legal bit out the way in england and avoid the french bureacracy but still get to do the personal and emotional bits - plus it means we get the outdoor ceremony i've always dreamed of image
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Wow sounds amazing !!! MrsRafique2b ...

    We are getting married on an unhabitated island in Greece just off another small island called Hydra, we are taking about 50 people with us, we are having a small civil service the day before and then doing a humanist wedding the day after ( we believe in Human values and means that we can have much more personal service/ceremony) we are going out there this year to check it all out and make sure that it is going to be as great as it sounds ..I am looking forward to arriving to the island on speedboat lol !!!

    Have any of you got weddingpaths i would love to see your destinations ?
  • pauleeenukpauleeenuk Posts: 799
    i totally agree with the lack of coverage about weddings abroad, i have been given loads of wedding books off people and there doesn't seem to be much about it really.

    all your weddings sound fab. we are going away for a few reasons, first of all the nice weather!! we wanted a fairly intimate wedding, if we got married at home we would have just ended up inviting people who we barely see, and if we are way then we are being selct about who we invite!!

    just because we are having it away tho we are still getting married in a church and then having an evening reception with a bbq, i think people think we will be getting hitched on a beach in our swimwear (not that there is anything wrong with that!!)

    i would also agree that is probs not that much cheaper!!
  • Hi, we have just got back from our wedding in Corfu, and we had about 80 guests altogether and all the little extras,and then we had a great big Greek party on the night, with a live band, greek dancers and plate smashing. All our friends and family said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It was very laid back, but still just as special.
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Claire_b do you have any pics ? it sounds amazing

    Pauleen I so know what you mean my h2b bought me a wedding bible and it is all about weddings in uk really annoyed me as it made weddings abroad seem really cheap and nasty image ...
  • oooh sounds nice indeed littlebobo. Are all your guests going to be there when you arrive by speedboat, wow.

    hmm Claire B, live band and dancers going to look into that. Thanks x
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Well to be honest still not so sure about the logistics of everything ..we have to see the conditions of the boats as my friend keeps winding me up that they will be rickity old things!!..All the guests will be there first I will be with my dad though !!..

    Not sure whether we should have DJ or a live band ..kind of swaying towards DJ as we get a variety of music and people can also choose one song each !
  • I couldn't agree more with this post - it drives me mad!! While I can almost excuse the wedding magazines for focusing solely on the majority, I cannot excuse the large number of tactless friends and relatives that have made extremely rude comments about my wedding abroad. For example:

    "Oh, you're getting married abroad. Well, I mean you've been living together for three years now anyway so I suppose your wedding isn't that much of a big deal"

    "Yeah, I thought about just (I emphasise the "just") running away and having a quick ceremony on a beach somewhere but I knew I'd regret not having a proper wedding"

    After attending a friend's wedding: "Doesn't it make you envious now to see such a big celebration when you've decided just (I emphasise the "just" AGAIN!) to go abroad?".

    Firstly, our wedding will not be cheap. We'll probably spend about 10K despite only having 15 guests because we want to splash out an be indulgent.

    I'm not getting married in a bikini on a beach (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just the assumption that there is only one sort of wedding abroad you can have!), but in a hotel venue much as one would in the UK. Don't people realise that in all of the countries in which we're getting married, locals get married too and have all of the traditional trimmings?

    My wedding abroad isn't going to be an "easy, stress-free ride" either, as many friends have implied (albeit probably not meaning it in a nasty way). I still have to organise photographers, videographers, a cake, find a registrar, find a priest to perform a blessing, look into wedding cars. 15 guests or not, there is still a LOT to organise.

    We chose to get married in Singapore because we used to live there and it is of sentimental value to us. Service is excellent and we are guaranteed good weather and lovely photos. Also, it turns the whole event into a holiday for all involved and avoids offending either side of our family by having the wedding in Germany instead of the UK, or the UK instead of Germany.

    The comments I've had from friends and family actually make me even more glad that I won't be inviting them to my big day. I'll enjoy the moment when they see my wedding photos and realise that we didn't say our vows under a plastic palm tree with dodgy singers in sombreros in the background!!!

  • Ouch on the comments- enchanted mind. You show them with your amazing photos.
  • I agree with you all so much. We are getting married abroad not because it is cheap but because it suits us more. Neither of us are religous so did not feel comfortable with a church wedding and we both love going to other countries and going abroad to get married means we can celebrate for the whole two weeks instead of one day and we do not have to worry about the hundreds of guests we would if we married in the uk. We are having the whole works abroad, favours, cake, meal, beautiful flowers, horse and carrige. I could not be happier and to top it all we have a beautiful view of the sea as the backdrop as we exchange our vows.

  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Love this thread and i totally agree

    It would be lovely to see more abroad weddings in the wedding magz, normally its just a few pages at the most.

    We too are getting married abroard is we love Cyprus and fell in love with our venue, so therefore getting married in England didn't even enter my head. Its costing more than it would of done by marrying here. Its not cheap as we all know.

    I think it lovely to have the closest people to me around me for the wedding and to celebrate for a few days after...
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Enchanted mind i love your post ..dont you love the 'just' used when abroad weddings are mentioned ...

    I certainly wont be wearing a bikini or a hula skirt ...okay that may suit some people but definetley not me !!!!

    So glad i am not the only person who thinks this image
  • Maybe we should all start our own wedding magazine! I'm sure that each and every one of our weddings will be truly unique and won't correspond in any way, shape or form to a cheap and nasty conveyor belt wedding!

    I don't know why people feel that it's ok for them to be rude about our plans, when it would be totally unacceptable for us to turn around (with that "oh poor you" look on our faces) and say "Oh, so you're just having the standard British wedding set-up. Hopefully you won't regret not having done something more exotic!"
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    LOL ...yep I think there is a huge gap in the market for uk wedding planners who organise abroad weddings personally !
  • Like the idea of starting our own magazine, can I be the one who flies all around the world checking out the destinations. he he
  • Lol enchanted mind.

    If anybody ever says anything about me having a "just" wedding, I am ready with the "sorry your only having the standard British wedding" must memorise it!

    I would recommend where we are going for our magazine, we wanted wedding at the villa originally and asked planner, he said it wasn't possible so we have thought of somewhere else. Now he has arranged it so it is possible and now of course h2b kinda likes the idea of going somewhere else to marry then back to the villa. Oops. I have not decided though

  • just found this post, i agree with you all. myself and my fiance are getting married in vegas next may, with close friends and family joining us, and every time i tell someone its like ' oh, are you going to have a drive thru?!' or 'are u having an elvis impersonator hahaha'. No i am not, i am having a proper wedding, only i'll have better weather!!!
  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    Just came across this post too and soooooo agree with you all!

    My two pet peeves are the lack of in-depth coverage weddings abroad receive in magazines (I'm sure they just cut and paste that same article that doesn't actually tell you anything useful) and people who say dismissively, 'what are you going THERE for?' when we tell them we are getting married in the Canadian Rockies. Er, hello, have you seen the Canadian Rockies, they are bloody beautiful?!

    Maybe we should all post our peeves as feedback in what we like and dislike about YYW magazine over in the YYW announcements forum? It would be so great to see more articles on weddings abroad, particularly in less commonly chosen countries.
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    Agreed ....lets bombard the web ed image
  • I am in - where do we post these ever so polite comments to the webed? I am getting married in Italy - @JU[email protected] he he he!

    Lets stop telling Y&YW our ideas and make our own online magazine instead. My H2B is a web designer..............

  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    Great, let's do it! This should be the link to the forum:

    Flyingscottie, if you could get an online magazine about weddings abroad going, that would be fantastic. How great would it be to have lots of great information about venues, planners, suppliers, etc. for different countries all under one website? If I spent the same amount of time working as I do trying to find out info about getting married in Canada, I would have probably finished all my work for the year by now!

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