Picking where to get married

I would really appreciate some help please!

We really want a different to normal wedding and have thought we will go abroad and I would really love as much of a legal wedding as possible rather than a blessing, we think Cyprus may be the best place for us but I really want the look of the Caribbean.   We have 2 young children and really would like our parents and a few friends to attend and they will not be able to if too far away.  

But everywhere I look at in cyprus either has no beach or not much of a beach, or a nice beach but a really boring looking hotel and we would love somewhere where there are things for the kids to do and for there to be some organised entertainment.   It does not have to be cyprus at all we are totally open to any ideas.    

Any help would be great.   I have looked at places in the UK but have not found anywhere slightly different which doesnt cost the earth!

thanks so much 


  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,318 New bride

    Have u looked at the Greek islands they r lovely I got married in Rhodes and plenty of stuff for kids x

  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218 New bride

    Croatia? We got married in Dubrovnik in May. 

    The selling points are:

    It is a relatively short flight from the UK; the city and surrounding scenery is stunning; you can get married outwith the registrars office/town hall, and even outdoors/on a beach if you like; there are no long residency requirements; and the marriage is legal and recognised back home. 

    It seems to be overlooked by most people, but really is worth considering. x

  • Have you considered Italy? I love it! Italy is seriously beautiful from lake Como to Amalfi coast and everywhere in between: amazing countryside, art and history, mild weather almost all year around, great food and wine!


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    We are getting married in Cyprus next year and have chosen to get married in a villa where we will also stay for the week.

    Cyprus Dream Weddings have been amazing with the planning - Kerry has been awesome with answering all my questions. She might be worth speaking to? They organise a lot of weddings in Cyprus so might know of a hidden gem that is just perfect for you?


    Have a look on their Instagram and FB pages so you can see the weddings they have organised - they all look fabulous and all different venues and sizes of weddings

    Hope this helps

    Ruth xxx

  • Ros7

    Hi, I'm a destination bride from United States, going to Rome, Italy, May 2018 for my civil marriage. So excited about that, time is getting closer!

    Rome is a magnificent city where to get married, my fiancè and I have been there some years ago and we wouldn't choose any other place to tie the knot.

    We find it affordable and ideal to stay in town (which is the thing we are going to do, having the reception at a central hotel), while also the countryside is sooo nice!

    We are using http://www.italianweddingplannerinrome.com/ as wedding planners and they are doing great, always responding quickly and precise and keeping us updated about all the details. It is important to have good planners especially for the documents, since I found that at the local public offices nobody seems to speak a real English.

    You can try to send them an email to have a more specific idea!

    Btw, is there any other bride marrying in Rome to share our experiences?

    Hope I help and all the best!


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