Two weddings in two countries OR one wedding in a third country?

Trying to figure out which would be easier and a better option. I'm a christian but my boyfriend is an orthodox (serbian). His family wants to have an orthodox wedding but I still want to have my dad walk me down the isle and have a basic christian ceremony with all of my relatives present.

His relatives live around the globe but his granny (it is important to have her attend to our wedding) lives in Bosnia and can't really travel that far. I like the idea of two weddings (one at my country,  one at his) and it would be great way for my family to see his culture and customs.

On the other hand an idea of a destination wedding has popped in to my head. Wedding in Italy (lake como or amalfi coast). It wouldn't be that far away from bosnia and it is so beautiful out there. Plus we might be able to carry out both of our religion ceremonies at the same time there. But not sure if everyone could make it money wise.  Anyone else struggling with a similar problem?? Any suggestions what to do? 


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    I'm a bride-to-be from US, my Fiancè and I are going to marry in Rome, Italy, May 2018. Time is running so fast!!

    We are going to have around 30/35 guests among the closest family members/friends and we think that Rome is amazing and affordable at the same time (Lake Como and Amalfi Coast are definitely more pricy, a friend of mine got married in Ravello and even if it was beautiful, she still talks about the huge spending, that in the end was absolutely beyond her budget). The countryside around Rome is very pretty and not expensive too.

    Also, in Rome and surrounding area you have lots of choices about venues, vendors etc... and everything looks good quality, Rome is the main city in Italy with plenty of offers.

    We are doing the documents and the whole organization through a wedding planning agency, located in Rome: in our experience, we started to do the preparation ourselves being sure it was easy, and we found it impossible without somebody local and italian speaking, since in all the offices nobody seems to talk a decent english to help from far.

    I post you the link of my planners:

    Your personal requirements are a bit particular because of the two religions ceremony, so I think you can try to send them an email and explain your needs, to have an idea of what they are able to offer you.

    I'm really satisfied about them and I can't recommend enough!

    If you need more details, I'll be glad to help!

    Hope it is useful and best of luck for your destination Wedding,





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    Id have one wedding. I never see the point of having 2 weddings, once youre married youre married and the second one to me would feel like a show rather than anything else.

    Like if we went to a registry office, then had a non legal ceremony elsewhere. Lots of people do it and are happy with that, but for me personally I wouldnt see the point of the second one.

    If I were to have 2, I wouldnt have any sort of ceremony that wasnt legal, whether that meant the first or second event. Id have the wedding day, and a wedding celebration another day, with just the reception part of things. I would wear my dress again though 😜

    But it really is upto you and your fiance, and it would be nice to experience both cultures.

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    I would elope on a third country 

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    traditionally it would take place in the brides home parish country etc, however with elderly very important relatives not able to travel far i would do the lot in bosnia, which is an equally lovely country. 

  • Thank you all for the lovely messages! It still feels like we are between two fires here. It's all pending on his family side. Seems like if we don't get into conclusion we are going for the 3rd country. Only afraid that both families would get angry at us for not choosing "our own country". Which would still be impossible unless for the two weddings?!  Thank god we still have so much time before the wedding (2020). 



    Thanks for the info and I'm so glad for you guys! Your wedding sounds awesome and it's only few months away now!!

    Yeah that's the thing with amalfi area, money goes just like that...My cousin was on a holiday there and she said only good things about it. Except the money ofc, everything was so expensive, but they could afford it though, unlike me and my bf.  She actually got engaged in Rome!  After a long day of walking around the city, her boyfriend insisted to go and see one more fountain. They nearly didn't go! Cos she was so tired, but he convinced that it was the only thing he actually wanted to see there. So, when they went there he kneeled in front of the fountain. Fair to say she loved it.  

    Wish all goes well and that you'll have the best time off your life in May!

    We'll still consider other places than just amalfi, and I'm sure to use that link you posted if it's Rome that we'll pick. 

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