Orlando Florida wedding in 2019

Hi everyone! 


Ive just recently got engaged and I've always dreamed of getting married in Florida....Has anyone got any advice on the logistics of this? 

I haven't a clue! 🙈 



  • No idea, but I love Florida! Sounds like an amazing wedding plan! 

    Congratulations btw! 

  • Hi Claire!

    I realise you posted this some time ago but thought I'd reply now I've come across it anyway 😊

    Have you managed to get anywhere with your Orlando wedding? My fiancé and I LOVE Orlando and have also decided to get married there (September 18).

    We've booked a package through Virgin and will be getting married at Cypress Grove. More than happy to discuss anything with you if you still need help x

  • Let us know if you need any lucky finding an excellent photographer duo! 🙌🏻😄

  • Hey @Claire516

    Were getting married there in November 19! I have most things booked apart from transport to/from the venue so happy to help if i can x
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