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Le Ciel Legal issues

Hello there, 


I have just read that Le Ciel have lost their license and have a court hearing at the end of this month as they are open illegally. one wedding got cancelled with 3 days notice! 

Does anybody have any information as there is nothing anywhere apart from a thread on tripadvisor from some very unhappy brides to be.

Also, does anybody know what kind of protection you have if you want to cancel under these circumstances. We payed our deposit by credit card. 



  • Oh that is so sad...especially for brides waiting to get married there and booked it years ago...hope it turns out well for you..

  • We are one of the couples affected. i was offered 3 options by Le ciel, either wait for the outcome. Get full refund of deposit, cancel and look elsewhere.


    we get married in July 2018. We will have booked our wedding 2 years in advances. All I know is that it’s a dispute with a neighbour. I have asked what the dispute is but got no answere. we are currently waiting for an outcome. Each time I am given a date for an outcome it passes without response. This has happened 3 times now. The new deadline is ’possibly december’. 

    they told me they have evidence that exonerates them from the claim and their lawyers are 99% sure of a favourable result. Still this is extremely stressful for us. 


    Has anyone else been affected or know more??

  • Hey girls,

    I am in the same situation!!! I'm so glad there are other brides here to talk to about it! I'm soooo stressed out :-(

    We booked our wedding with Ionian weddings about 18 months ago and this is our dream venue we are supposed to be getting married 21st June next year and now I feel like my world has been turned upside down. All my family and friends have booked their accommdation!!! What are we supposed to do??? Although they have been helpful trying to find us a new venue none of them compare!! I just want to cancel the whole thing! 

    How are you all feeling ? 

    Emma X

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    Are you all on the Santorini brides forum On fb? If not, I suggest u join up as there's lots of discussion and support there x

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