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Best time to get married in Greece?! Help!

Hello Fellow brides!

totally new to this organising a wedding malarkey so I was wondering if anyone out there had any great advice for me?

we are looking at getting married in Santorini or Mykonos 2019. Is there a better time of year to do this? I think July and August may be far too hot, does anyone know if June or may is warm enough in the evening? 

Any advice on wedding planners out there too will be greatly received, im a bit of a control freak so need someone who understands my vision! Haha.

Thanks guys! X :) 


  • I went to Santorini and Mykonos in April and the weather was gourgous!  It was still a bit too hot in the direct sun some days.  In the evening most restaurants were serving indoors at night time as it wasn't quite warm enought to eat  outdoors.

    I honestly think June would be fine.   

  • Thank you! Yes I hope so, fingers crossed 🤞🏻 

  • On that note Sammie me and my husband thought it was perfectly fine weather to eat outside and didn't really understand why the venues were closing their outdoor areas at night.  I guess it's tea shirt weather all year there for us brits!!

    Again this was April when we visited at the start of the season.  Congratulations btw.  Have you started to research venues? 

  • Hi Sammie,

    You choose an amazing location for a destination island wedding. My recommendation as I make weddings in both places try to avoid Mykonos, its much more expensive and not so many stunning spots for shooting. Santorini is a dream wedding island, every corner can give you amazing images because of breathtaking view. July and August is too hot and more expensive. First days of September are the same lime August, so try to look for June and for better prices. May is also a nice month with gold weather. If you still looking for a photographer please take a look our instagram here @weddingstories_photography

    And our video work here:

    If you like our style sent us an email and we wil make you a great offer [email protected]

    Ben from Wedding Stories :)

  • Hi all,

    Hope you don't mind if i comment on this post too, as i am also considering a wedding in Santorini in hopefully September 2019 and wondering when the best time of year is and feeling a bit like rabbit in head lights with the sheer amount of choice, where wedding planners are concerned. 

    We are considering getting married early to mid September, is this a good time of year weather wise?

    Also if any has any recommendations of wedding planners, please feel free to comment :)


  • I think early September should be quite nice. I wouldn't recommend May or June because weather is unpredictable. It could be super windy and it could ruin your make up and hair. 

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We got married in May and weather was ideal.But early June weather was good too

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    I got married June and it was really hot, depends how hot your looking for x

  • I get married in greece on 1st September 2018. I'm not sure if it's the same at different places but I don't get married untiĺl 5pm. This way it's still warm but not too hot xx

  • MataMata Posts: 2

    We booked the 20 th September with our wedding planning company but still umdecided on a venue...

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    I think June or Later September would be lovely, not crazy hot like July and August, also a bit more budget friendly if you can avoid school holidays. Good Luck


  • Hi Sammie, i am working at Santorini, Mykonos, all over Greek Islands as a wedding dj, lighting Company. July and August are hottest, possibly more expensive, especially the rooms! but almost certain there would be no rain! June is great from temperatures but there is a small chance to rain. Almost always the weddings are a bit earlier in order to be able to capture first dance thru sunset etc so it will be hot at the ceremony time no matter what month! Both Santorini and Mykonos are amazing places but you have to choose wisely about the venue of your party because there are many sound and time restrictions in most of Venue!

    If you have the time to take a look to our job there is a link below.

    If you need more details about venue etc, i will be more than happy to help anyway i can!

    at : [email protected]

    If you wish to find a planer i can suggest wedding in Greece (John Pasaris owner) is the man for everything you need!

  • Thanks everyone for the comments, so much to think about and now fully in wedding mode now the new year has started and I can officially say I’m getting married next year!!!


    we have decided on June but still undecided on venue. We love Le Ciel but with all the problems I’m reading about may avoid it. We also love Santorini Gem.


    anyone else booked for 2019 yet? It’s going to come round so quick!


  • Hi Sammie7,

    I have recently booked my wedding we are getting married at Santorini Gem on the 19th June 2019, I can't wait to start all the planning!! x

  • Hi Sammie,

    We are hoping to get married in Crete in June 2019 - I agree, it will come around so quick and there is still so much to do and plan!

    What websites have you been looking at for venues? I have started on Tui/Thomson and the wedding packages look great but I am worried they may be quite expensive in comparison to other sites. Do you, or anybody else, have any recommendations of reliable websites to book through?

    Thank you :)

  • Hi ellie82

    I haven’t booked my wedding yet but thinking of the same venue as you end of June 2019! 

    Have you found a wedding planner yet? and any other services which you can recommend? 



    Tamara :) x

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    I would recommend getting married late May early June or late September xx

  • Hey Tamara,

    We have booked with Ionian Weddings Anna has been very helpful and responsive so far but we only booked in Jan. We are going to visit Santorini 10th-13th May to see venue etc to put my mind at ease! We haven't really booked much else yet? good luck with your planning x



  • Jenna55Jenna55 Posts: 1

    Ellie82 I am getting married in santorini gem just a few weeks after you, 8th July! Any recommendations you can give would be amazing! 

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