If you were a guest would you think this would be to far to travel

Hi everyone 


Am having a venue nightmare and am having to choose a 2nd venue with only 10months to go as half of guests have already booked accomidaton and flights so don't really want to change location so my wedding planner has found me a 2nd venue but it's 53mins away we would be providing a coach there and back but us 53mins to long to ask them to sit on a coach? 


The original venue was 30mins away 


Thanks for your help 


  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    I think if transport is being provided then it's fine. I would say ask the transport company if you're able to provide them all with maybe some snacks, drinks, maybe mini bottles of prosecco or something, and play some good music / get people to instigate games just so that there isn't a lull in mood and you can treat it as part of the celebrations.

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    For me thats a long way. I suffer from travel sickness and straight away i thought i would not cope for an hour on a coach so that would put me off, i would definitely not be able to do an hour back after drinking and dancing.

    You also need to consider families an hour on a coach with little ones and babies would be a nightmare and parents may rather have their own car so that they can cart all there stuff and leave when they want. Which is another thing to consider - that far means one leaving time so people have no choice but to stay at venue 2 until the coach is coming - not ideal for familes, older generation?

    Lastly - get a coach with nice toilets :) 


  • 53 minutes does sound like a long journey, but if guests are already travelling for your wedding, what's another hour :)   especially if it can't be helped.

    I agree about the toilets and the snacks though - I'd really appreciate those nice touches as a guest. And maybe you could provide them with info on car rentals for those who don't want to be limited to the coach times?

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    Personally if it was me I would rather travel by car. The distance wouldn't necessarily put me off but I would be making my own way there. 

  • I'd offer the coach, but I agree, I'd rather drive it myself - an hour isn't that bad!


  • 53mins will fly by! It might be a bit of a stress for any guests with little ones to occupy, but overall if I were a guest I'd be fine with it. If you can afford to add a couple of little touches like snacks and maybe a bottle of water for the journey back that would be really lovely. Maybe offer it and ask that if anyone would rather make their own way it would be helpful to let you know in advance? 

  • Thanks for some helpful tips, I know none if my guests want to drive it and we would have spare rooms just a couple that we would offer to the guests to stay that have children the night of the wedding know one had really little ones my little boy will be the youngest being 2.5 at the time the youngest after that will be 4 so should be fine just trying to see if it was worth doing if people wouldn't be happy about it hopefully my wedding planner kind find something else closer but I may not have a great choice 


    The water,snacks and toilets are good thoughts I wouldn't of thought if them things :) thanks

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