Sorrento Wedding Reception Help


We are getting married at Cloisters on the 9th July 2018 and currently looking to source a reception venue for around 30 - 45 people.

We were told that it starts at around €80 per head, but everywhere seems to be €130+ and I am not very impressed with the menus I have seen if I'm honest.  

I've seen mixed reviews of The Foreigners Club and the fact that they book multiple weddings, so ideally we would like somewhere a little smaller and more personal, with the sea view.....oh dear I sound so darn demanding!

I would be happy with a nice restaurant with a terrace that we can decorate with lots of nice lights and candles.  I work in marketing in the UK and book quite a few events, so what you get for the rate is seeming expensive to me.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be great.

Thanks Leanne xx


  • Hi Leanne, I have been speaking with girls from Ionian weddings as I am also wanting to book Sorrento. They have some lovely venues. I have not booked anything yet but your ideas seem similar to mine so would be great if we could help each other. I am looking at June 2019 though so a little longer to wait.x

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