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Italy Wedding - Planner or no planner + realistic budget help!

Hi all,


We recently got engaged - yay! And since have been talking about Italy 2019 for our wedding. Tuscany is top choice as want courtyard setting, cute romantic etc.

Im quite organised and love planning and wondered if anyone has planned their Italy wedding without a planner or if you did/did not what was your experience?

I’m also looking to understand the costs people paid - we have approx 70-80 guests. 

So far for costs I’ve worked out rough costs for;

€3000 - venue hire

€100 max per head for dinner 

but i cant find much on breakdowns of other costs such as what people paid for flowers, photographer etc or any other costs I’ve probably not thought about!

Any help really appreciated!

Lauren xx



  • We were trying to plan our wedding in Sicily on our own, but the language barrier has just proved too hard so we have just hired a planner.  However to help you budget is similar to bridebook in the UK and has loads of suppliers and a rough estimate of costs.  Our venue hire in Sicily was only €500 (in fact a lot of places we looked at did not actually have a hire fee) and our price per head is between €80-100 we have not confirmed menu choices yet.

  • Hi Lauren! Congratulations!! 

    I'm planning my wedding in the south of Italy (Puglia) where my fiance is from, although we live in Tuscany (great choice to get married here! We would too if his family didn't live in the south.)

    Since he speaks Italian we don't have the language barrier, but it would've been difficult otherwise. I did look at some venues online that specialise in destination weddings and speak English, but they were much more expensive. So maybe a planner would help.

    So far costs seem to be roughly the same as at home but obviously it depends what exactly you want.

    Venue - Ours is good value  we have only paid for the cost of dinner per head. There's no hire charge for the venue (apparently this is common in Italy) not even a charge for holding the ceremony there too. There's unlimited wine included with the meal, they're also making our wedding cake and giving us a babysitter as part of the price!

    Photographers - We have looked at a few photographers and the experienced ones charge £1800+ which I think is a bit more than at home. The thing I don't like is that all have told us we will have to wait a YEAR to get photos back (at home I believe it's usually a few months) so definitely ask about that if booking a local photographer! I'm thinking of hiring someone from the UK now.

    Afraid I have no idea about flowers yet.


    I second the recommendation for, it's really useful - I just put my browser on google translate 

  • We have just got engaged as well and want a wedding in Italy, we're wanting around 40 guests total and a villa that accommodates everyone. Looked into it very briefly and it seems so expensive, imaginary budget is over £20k right now 

  • SS78SS78 Posts: 3 New bride

    Hi Lauren, 

    I've just been reading this thread and I would guess it's not appropriate to self promote on here so I won't! However I would say that weddings on a budget are absolutely possible here but perhaps if you are not over here (we live on the east coast of Italy) that maybe you, and other couples are finding it hard to connect with the right planners, suppliers and professionals.

    Without getting into details I can give you the example of my husband who is a professional wedding photographer here in Italy.

    He's experienced, photographing weddings for over 10 years and 100+ weddings here in Italy.

    He average price is below £1000 for a full day service.

    Maximum turnaround for wedding images to the couple is 14-21 days (not months)! depending on the time of year.

    He doesn't particularity advertise in the UK, probably like many professionals here, so I guess maybe it's not so apparent that there professionals in all areas of Italy covering all budgets. 

    My advice would be to keep looking if you are keen on an Italian wedding, it's a beautiful place to get married on any budget! I'm very happy to make suggestions if you need any more help.


  • Hi, Lauren
    Did you choose the area of Italy where to get married?

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    Hello All
     I'm so excited we have finally decided to get married at Villa fondi in Sorrento (we havent booked this yet) but we have  booked our hotel and the one we have chosen is Tui sensimar Nastro Azzuro.  We are looking to book our wedding through thomson . Has anyone else done this?
    Thanks Becs x
  • Gemma335 said:

    We have just got engaged as well and want a wedding in Italy, we're wanting around 40 guests total and a villa that accommodates everyone. Looked into it very briefly and it seems so expensive, imaginary budget is over £20k right now 

    Hi! We are looking for the same, in Puglia. What did you end up doing? Would be infinitely grateful for any advice you can give or experiences you can share! Thanks
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