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Hi is anyone like me stressing about whats happening a Lindos Greece at the moment following the  couple who shown posing for rude photos? my parther and I have booked June next year with a Thomas Cook to get married at at St Pauls bay Lindos and are now waiting for the Preist and Mayor to finalise their decision to ban all weddings .We have  booked the hotel with wedding packag and a restaurant on the beach and ow we don't know what the hells going on Thomas cook keep telling us to wait a few more weeks but we are getting stressed out because some of our family have booked online tour operators so although we could move to other venues in Rhodes or get a refund we don't think they will be able to.


  • I have been in contact with Thomas Cook today and they are adamant that they still waiting for a answer from The priest and mayor, however I have been in contact with other wedding companies and they are saying that it’s cancelled and have withdrawn the option of getting marriled there. I find it hard to believe that other companies  a answer and they dont 

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