Sorrento, Italy

Hi, has any one got married in Sorrento in Italy? I am looking to book for 2019 and have been speaking with a company to help organise it however there are a few options which they cannot help with.

One thing in particular I am looking for is fireworks. Does anyone know how I can organise a firework display the night of our wedding?x


  • Sorrento is so beautiful, I went on my first holiday with my partner there and it's one of the places on our hit-list for our own wedding. 

    So putting my wedding planner hat on you'd possibly be best finding a specialist pyrotechnics firm or speaking with your venue. You need a special licence in Italy (by law) to light fireworks and then there's insurances to consider so best to work with a provider who can sort all this ut for you.

    Good luck with your planning.


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