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Hi Everyone,

Planning on getting Married in Malta in the Spring of 2019/2020. The place means so much to me and my H2B. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for Malta? (Venue/Wedding Planner/Flowers/Bands/DJ's)... Literally anything to do with Malta will be a great help to me as I am just getting started.

Thank you and hope to hear from some of you soon.





  • Jen81Jen81 Posts: 2

    Hi Charlotte we are using a planners Michelle & Lee They are brummies in Malta and are an absolute breath of fresh air.

    We've been talking to them since October and they've been great as our plans have changed a few times. We had quotes from a few other planners but these guys offered the best prices and value for money-they organise it all, photographer, DJ, cake etc.


    Good luck xxx

  • Oo following!!

    im getting married I’m malta summer of 2019 

    still have no idea who’s doing what!

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