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Does anyone have an recommendations of cheap but secure ways to make international payments for our Wedding?  At the moment I am transferring via my bank and they charge £9.50 per payment, with some suppliers requesting the cost spread over 3 payments this is going to add up, so I wondered if anyone else had any advice on keeping the costs down.




  • I cant recommend transferwise enough! Weve used them for all our transactions so far to our wedding planner. You get a better rate than you do with your bank, and you pay a lower fee. (i think its no fee when you set up an account so it worth ;inviting' your H2B to set one up via their website and benefitting twice from the no fee for multiple transactions. 

    Im not totally clued up on how it works, and may be corrected, but essentially you input how much you need to transfer and they hold that in an account in your country. They then wait for an amount that would cover your total to be transferred in the receiving country, and use that money to pay for your fee and your money being held here to pay for someone else. Effectively negating the need for the overseas charges. Ive made it sound more dodgy than what it is lol. But everyone on the cyprus brides page uses it and has never had a problem.

    Double bonus...if you use topcashback you will get a % back as cashback on your transaction. 

    Im a massive fangirl of the site lol. Check it out, im sure their FAQ's will explain it far better than i can! 

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    I've used both Transferwise and Azimo, and both have been great. Stop using your bank immediately – it's such a waste of money! What I do is check both sites to see which will cost less, as they charge different fees depending on the country you're sending to.

    And if I can pay a supplier with a credit card, I use the Halifax Clarity, which doesn't charge any fees for payments in foreign currencies.

  • Thank you both for your help, I'll check out transferwise tonight

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