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Cloisters Sorrento wedding!

My finace and I are newly engaged and planning a wedding for spring 2019. We have our hearts set on Sorrento cloisters for the ceremony. 

Does anybody have an advice on where to start? 

Has anybody else booked the cloisters? 

Does anyone have recommendations for the reception? 


Any help would be greatly appreciate! 


  • Hi Kimberley! 

    Congratulations to you too! 

    I have heard great things about Victoria and a few others so will do some enquiries. 

    Hotel regina looks beautiful! We are undecided whether to fly out prior to booking or just to blind book. 

    Thanks for your advice :) 

  • Thanks for your messages. It’s just so overwhelming knowing where to start! 

     I’ll do some enquiring and hopefully feel more at ease! 

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