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Italy wedding with a budget of approx 10k

Hi anyone have any useful advice/contacts.


We are looking to get married in italy in 2020 with approx 50 guests.


Would ideally like a large enough villa to sleep 30 so that we can all have a week holiday together too. Not too bothered about a formal sit down meal, bbq buffet would be just as nice.  Would like to keep quite informal.


Imaging court yards, pretty lighting and beautiful scenery.


Would also like to keep the cost down for guests as much as possible.... they will be paying their own accommodation.


Don't know where to start! such a minefield.


We have also discussed getting married day before we go with grandparents there only at a registry office and then just having a symbolic blessing abroad.


Thanks in advance 


  • We are getting married in Sicily rather than Italy and unless you speak Italian I would recommend hiring a planner.  We are getting married in the UK first and just having a blessing in Sicily, from what I understand you would need to marry in a registered venue, which in our case would have been a separate venue to our reception, the ceremony would be conducted in Italian and we would require a translator.  Whereas we are using the Humanist Society who can conduct a tailormade ceremony in English.

    I would recommend decided which part of Italy you would like to get married in and then go from there


  • Hi Gemma,

    Have you thought about Sicily?
    I live and work here and many foreign couples come to marry.
    There are so many wonderful areas, and Sicily is full of sunshine!
    You could think of the area of Taormina or Agrigento that are the most particular ones.
    In the Agrigento area the prices are very accessible. A dinner with many courses costs around € 60 / € 70 or you can think of catering services.
    Otherwise there is the very popular Tuscany or the Amalfi coast!

    Sorry for my bad English!

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