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Getting married in Santorini 🤔

My Fiancé and I are planning of having our wedding in Santorini in 2019 (possibly in May), particularly keen on Santorini Winery. We have shopped around a bit which has given us a rough idea of how much we should budget, it came to approx 9k. Guest numbers currently stand at around 35. Has anyone had their big day in Santorini? Is £9K a realistic amount? 


  • CareneCarene Posts: 21

    Hi ,


    you can contact Marryme in Greece they have very good prices . We used then for our wedding 

    Good luck to your search 

  • Hello,


    We are expanding to Greece and looking to work with lovely couples to expand our portfolio so feel free to drop me a message on [email protected] for more information.

    Feel free to check out our IG @theweddingboutiqueitaly and @theweddingboutiquebloom

    Elias Kordelakos is a fantastic photographer too if you are looking for any recommendations :) 

    Best wishes,


  • Amy424Amy424 Posts: 4


    I’m getting married at Santo Winery in August this year. I believe it may cost more than that, but how much more depends on what you want to spend! Flights and accommodation will need to be factored in and entertainment too. It is still much more affordable than a wedding in UK thoug. We’ve booked through Ioanian weddings as I couldn’t be bothered to contact people myself and couldn’t recommend them enough. the winery is beautiful and you will have an amazing time! 


    Amy x

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