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Wedding blessing in Spain before legal UK wedding?


I’m desperate for some information please!? Myself and my partner live in Spain. We have been here since March 2016. We are wanting to marry Spring 2019. We are still British nationals on paper so the paperwork and hassle of legally marrying in Spain is crazy. Therefore we would like to have a blessing ceremony and party here and then go and sign the paperwork to make it all legal in the UK.

My question is, can we have the blessing in Spain before the legal UK bits or do we have to do it the other way around? Or does it not matter?

Thank you! 


  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    Hi Emma! The short answer is that it doesn't matter :) It's up to you; since the blessing ceremony doesn't have any legal requirements, you can make it whatever you want it to be. I'm getting legally married in the UK (just the two of us) the week before we go to Spain for a blessing (with all our family and friends) - the reason being that we want the blessing to feel like the final stage, it's the symbolic 'real' wedding and it's where we'll exchange rings, so it's after that point that we'll consider ourselves married! 

  • Do you live near Gibraltar, as you could always legally marry there as a British national x

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