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Hi brides to be!

I have currently started to plan my wedding for 2019. As our little one has just been born 4 month ago we are on a pretty tight budget. To keep the costs as minimum as possible we would like to combine the ceremony and the honey moon. I was possibly thinking of Mexico or Barbados for one week. I don't know where to start planning as all the packages I can find online include a minimum of 20 guest. Does anyone have ideas where to start ? Thanks for any advise x


  • If you go on thomas cook they have packages that include a free wedding and the maximum amount of guests we can have is 32. We only have 6 people coming how ever the more people that attend the more perks you get from guests hotel. 

    We booked our wedding in Mexico for this June and for 2 weeks all inclusive it came to £6000 but we upgraded room and seats.

    Check out the hard rock hacienda hotel, it is amazing and they do free weddings. We are getting married in hacienda but staying in heaven (the adults part)

    If you would like me to help you look into it further and the booking process then pm me and i  am happy to help :) 

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