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Has anyone used Nikos Sirigios from for their wedding in Santorini?

If so, I would really value your feedback.

Is it normal to only reveive an email from your wedding planner confirmating that your ceremony is booked or do you get some sort of official letter from the town hall confirming your wedding booking?

If you used Nikos as your wedding planner, did you use their package photographer/videographer and do you have any photos to share from your big day? Xx

Thank you fellow Santorini Brides :) 


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    I know they’re a popular choice for Santorini weddings And don’t think you’ll get anything directly from the town hall. I know brides that are/have been very happy using them and I met them earlier this year - very friendly.

    if you’ve already booked them then make sure you shop around for other things or try and barter a bit with them as i personally think they’re a bit on the expensive side. Pm me if you’d like more info. 

    i’m using Simply Mediterranean Weddings as our planner x

  • Hi there I'm getting married in Santorini in June. I emailed Nikos a few times with queries. His replys were very abrupt. We are getting married on a tight budget and I asked about the beach wedding package but he couldn't supply a photo of the location and was unwilling to describe it. Also the photo package on his site is offered at €200 But when I asked he said it would €300 So I  didn't feel easy with booking with him. Poema weddings lady way lovely, the complete opposite and if money was no object I'd have gone with her. Instead I've booked with Anna at (nikos is We are eloping with no guests and just want a simple ceremony without paying the earth.. how much can go wrong ? 

  • Hi Lily, I used Nikos and I would recommend him and his partner for wedding planning. Compared to others I found the rates very reasonable. I did find some cheaper although I was uneasy as they were either relatively new or had limited reviews. I do think his emails can come across as a bit abrupt although I think part of that might be related to English being second language. When I spoke to them and met them in person they were friendly and professional at all times. I paid for the package that included some photos and they were amazing! I am happy to pm you some if you would like  to see x

  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes money was the issue with wedding planners. All the recommendations from people were very pricey and I just wasnt prepared to spend it. Nikos seemed reasonably priced so have gone with him, but do let me know how your wedding goes!

    I'm beggining to wish we had simply eloped too! Would have been a lot easier! 😂 xxx

  • Abi60Abi60 Posts: 5


    hi, yes I am using Nikos' basic package to help with the legal bits, the rest I am doing myself! 

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