Tavira(Algarve) wedding

Hi I just got engaged on Christmas day and we are looking at getting married in Tavira, Aug 2019. I have absolutely no idea where to start!

I've been married before can I marry in a church?

We have a villa, can we marry there?

I love Tavira castle can we marry there?

What about a beach? In August it will be packed??

Can't spend a lot on a wedding planner but think I will need one to help with paper work? Photographs are important to me but again on a budget so need good reasonably priced photographer. Having the reception at the villa(that's the only thing I'm sure about) any ideas on how to feed 40 guests on the cheap?x


  • susana3susana3 Posts: 11 New bride

    Hi Lyndsay,

    I am from the Algarve.

    Tavira is a really nice place for a wedding. Pousada de Tavira, for instance, is very beautiful and I have had many brides booking that venue (I am a makeup artist).

    Regarding getting married in a church, it can be possible, I guess, as long as your previous marriage was not celebrated in a Catholic church. At least this is what I have always heard.

    In August beaches can be overloaded, with bikini people crossing the view and starring all the time lol ... east beaches are usually very seeked by immigrants and most of people take summer holidays in August. But if you have a villa, why not doing it there? More private :) You can find great caterings in the Algarve. If you need a wedding planner, I think the one who is located nearest to Tavira is Amazing Algarve Weddings. Perhaps they can help you with paperwork and advise you about venues? You have so many wedding planners and all of them have very good reputation, you are free to contact them and ask for a quotation.

    If you need help with makeup and hair, please let me know. This is my page https://www.facebook.com/SusanaAleixoMakeup/

    Happy planning! :)

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