Venues in Florence or Pisa area

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We are looking at venues in the Florence / Pisa area. Can anyone recommend any villas / hotels? The wedding will host ca. 100 people.

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    We're getting married at Antica Fattoria di Paterno which is around 45 mins from Florence. It's an old winemaking villa and has gorgeous grounds and stunning countryside views. I immediately fell in love although it is probably quite different to what I initially thought we were looking for / wanting in that it has less of the rustic/Tuscan feel than a lot of typical villas. It can host up to 200 people I think.

    We also viewed

    Villa Grabau 
    Villa La Fontanelle
    Villa Orlando 
    Castello Vincigliata
    Valle di Badia
    Villa Medici di Lilliano
    Castello Il Palagio

    All of which can hold around 100 people.

    They're all quite different though so it depends on what kind of property you want. We didn't look at any hotels. None of these have heaps of accommodation as we didn't want that. My favourites were Villa Orlando (stunning lakeside setting), Valle di Badia (great for an all in one venue) and we often refer to Villa Grabau still as it was the first we saw and really stunning particularly if you're not concerned too much about sprawling views.

    The castles are, well, castles, so have that feel to them, they're quite rustic but have a real wow factor, and although they each ticked a lot of boxes I realised they weren't very "us" although if you're open minded go and see some as they really are impressive and not especially expensive.

    I'd suggest using a planner to arrange a trip out there to see places, it's a huge area with so many options. 



  • Hello Dan,


    I would suggest Umbria, on the border with Tuscany, there are flights to Perugia airport from London.

    The area around Lake Trasimeno is beautiful, the wonderful village of Cortona ( the location of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun) is only a few miles away from the lake. 

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  • I’m an Italian wedding planner and now very well Tuscany.

    send me a private message and we can start plann together 😁

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