Sorrento Cloister & Villa Antiche Mura

Hello everyone

I’ve just signed up to this site after finding these forums so helpful in making plans about where I want to get married. I thought it was would be a good idea to create a forum for 2018/2019 brides to share tips and ideas on a Sorrento wedding.

We’ve requested to get married at the Cloisters in May 2019 and are waiting on confirmation of the date when they’re released in March/April this year. We’re holding the ceremony at Villa Antiche Mura and will be going to visit in May this year where we will be doing a menu tasting.

I like to be really organised and know I‘m a little far ahead but for anybody getting married in Sorrento, have you decided on a hotel for the wedding party to stay? I won’t be booking a package deal so I’m worried about choosing the right hotel and also being able to take my dress as hand luggage if flying with Ryan Air or Jet2.

Also, does anybody have any good recommendations for hair and make up? This is something I’m really worried about especially as I probably won’t be able to have a trial first. My mum and sister who have quite unmanageable hair are also really worried about this! Looking for somebody who will really understand what up styles are suited to each of us for the big day!

Hopefully this forum will come in useful to Sorrento wedding planning!


  • Thanks!

    Jemina has been recommended to me to I’ll definitely be having a look. When is your wedding?

    I meant to say our reception is at Villa Antiche Mura, not the ceremony.  We’re having that at the Cloisters as well. Did you get your requested date and time? I’m a bit worried about this.

    Nicola x

  • Hi 

    I was wondering how you requested a date at the cloisters did you use a wedding planner or do this directly ???

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