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Skiathos/Greek Island Same Sex Wedding

I'm really hoping someone can help me. My partner and i are hoping to get married in Skiathos in June 2019 and could really do with some help from someone who knows the area.

We only want something small (about 40 guests) and want it to have a very relaxed vibe/atmosphere. It is a same sex wedding we would have to have something symbolic and then do the legal bit in the UK.

We were thinking of getting married late afternoon and then going somewhere with our guests where we can enjoy the surroundings and have some mezzes and a bit of music. It would be really good if we could have the venue and accomodation as one, so maybe a small hotel or a villa perhaps that we could just hire for the weekend and then everyone would have somewhere to stay and we'd have somewhere for the wedding. It would need a large enough courtyard / garden area for us all to gather and basically have the wedding party there.

We would like to book the entire thing inclduing accomodation and then get our guest just to pay a contribution towards their rooms (they'd have to buy their own flights though)

Does this sound doable?


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    Sounds great to me! 

    I‘m getting married in Santorini next June and finally decided to use Simply Mediterranean Weddings- they do some of the Greek islands and Italy.

    i found it so hard choosing a planner but their fees are transparent and then quotes they get is what you pay rather than inflated prices. The owner is lovely - he and his wife got married in Santorini a few years ago and got ripped off left right and centre so decided to start their own to help people.

  • Katy81Katy81 Posts: 31 New bride

    Here is amazing wedding planner she is amazing and can cater for all budgets have a look at her site and Instagram page as she has done lots of weddings exactly what you have described  hope this helps xx

  • How about hiring a Villa on Airbnb? I found this one but there are plenty more that could suit you?  Obvioulsy there are unlikely to be any places that can accommodate 40 guests without being on a millionaire's budget, but thought that this one looked nice....


    I speak fluent Greek if you find you need to speak to someone over the phone there first or anything Pip? ....

  • Pip11Pip11 Posts: 2

    Thank you all so much for your help. I’ve contacted them so fingers crossed.

    Who knew wedding planning could be so difficult 🤣 

    Definitely we’ll keep in mind about making sure we don’t pay for guests who aren’t coming. I just feel bad making them pay lots for our choice... did anyone else feel like? I’m probably just over thinking haha 

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