Sending dried flower bouquets to Greece

Hi, we are getting married this coming June in Zante, Greece. I've made all my bouquets, buttonholes and hair pieces using dried flowers. I'm hoping to send them over to my wedding coordinator but I'm a bit unsure wheher they come under restricted items and will be siezed. I'v tried searching online for answers but all it says in the plants sections is "perishable items" which they'r not as they're dried. Has anyone else sent dried flowers in the post to Greece? I'm having a bit of a panic now as I've spent a lot of time and money to make these items for my wedding. Any advice would be appreciated. Tia Nicki x


  • Iā€™m not sure but does your wedding co-ordinator not know? we Are getting married in Greece but just getting flowers through the wedding planner šŸ™‚

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