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Wedding in Caribbean - where to start?!

Hi all!

I've just recently got engaged and it's very exciting! :) We would really like to get married in the Caribbean in May 2019 (half term because we will have children coming), but don't know where to start! We are hoping to invite about 15-20 friends and family and have something low key and casual, we are open to location, but would love to get married on the beach. We want to also be mindful of costs for our guests, as we would really like them all to stay at the hotel where we get married and ensure they can attend, so want to find a nice balance between a good hotel without it being too expensive.  

Does anyone have experience of arranging a wedding in the Caribbean and any advice or suggestions on where to start? We've started having a look at Virgin, Tui and Thomas Cook, which seems less stressful as we can book flights and accommodation all together, but don't know what the benefits of booking through a tour operator are rather than directly with the hotel, other than being able to book it all at the same time. Has anyone used a tour operator or booked directly?

If anyone could share their experience or suggestions, or anywhere nice they can recommend I would be very grateful as it's all feeling a bit overwhelming!

Thanks :)


  • I booked my wedding in Mexico through thomas cook. Some resorts have the option of a free wedding you need to meet their requirements to get it, but quite a few hotels in Mexico do. You can have the option to upgrade the decor but it costs.

    They provide all information for contacts in case you need to get documents translated and sent to them or for when you get back to the UK you can use them to translate your wedding certificate. 

    They also ask you to fill in paperwork 6 months before your wedding with your witness details such as name and address etc. And also a form where you detail your prefences, how many guests if you want hair and makeup done.

    I booked in December 2016 and get married in June this year, it has flown by and it has been the most simplest process I have had to do, 

    Another bonus I found when booking with Thomas Cook is you get an upgraded luggage allowance (hand and hold) for the wedding couple only. Plus a few other extras.

    I get my wedding planner in March, then I think for me it will start to get real. 

    If you need anymore information please let me know x

  • Did you send out any provisional save the dates ? We can’t book ours with Thomas Cook yet as the holidays and prices aren’t realeased until next year but want to give peolle as much notice as we possibly can ! Was going to send out save the dates saying we are getting married October 2020 in Mexico will confirm date and hotel ect when we have booked and then send out proper invites 😩 I’m so stuck as what to do as I no my family are going to need the time to save up 

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