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Is anyone else planning (or has planned) a wedding at Ktima Lindos? I’m marrying there this year but I’m struggling with the whole email communication (or lack of it) and feel like it’s ruining my wedding planning experience. Am I being an impatient bride to be or is anyone else going through the same? 



  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,083 New bride

    Are you using a wedding planner, i got married in Rhodes in 2016 we had planner but the problem was the venues and suppliers getting back to the planner greeks are very laid back when are you getting married

  • We are using the venue’s planner. I know they have a more relaxed approach and I want everything yesterday, but, waiting days/weeks for a response is doing my head in. I would appreciate confirmation that they have at least received my email and are looking into it. I really just want to make sure we stay within our budget.

    Which venue/planner did you use?  

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,083 New bride

    I used unforgettable Rhodes,  they organised everything for, at times I had to wait for the venues to get back to the planner but I always had her reassuring me, it is frustrating as I'm a very planned person and just want everything sorted ASAP lol x

  • Apologies for my tardy response. I think I met with unforgettable Rhodes when I was out there last year. Thank you for reassuring me (like you I'm a very organised person). I will take a deep breath. xxx

  • Hi There. I've just registered because we are in exactly the same position .commun communi is non existent at the moment and we really need clarity on a few things. We are using their planner but have one email address and one phone number. Neither they reply to. Did everything work out ok and when did communication start again?
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