Santorini Wedding Disabled Access

Im new here so hello all


Im calling all brides who have got married here or have visited the venues in prep for their upcoming day.

Basically I am in the very early stages of planning my wedding, all I know is it is going to be in Santorini haha. Im looking for Aug/Sept 2019 or May/June 2020 depending on price and availability.


My soon to be mother in law is disabled and therefore we need venues that offer disabled access with no steps/alternatives such as ramps or lifts. I feel like this is going to be tricky in Santorini and especially as were wanting a venue looking on the Caldera.

We are interested in a few, Saint Irini, Santo Winery and Le Ciel and Pyrgos we did have Dana Villas down but it clearly states its not for disabled people due to its 150 steps. 

Im just wondering if anyone knows what the access is like for any of these venues? Or know of anywhere suitable? 



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    Hiya, Le Ciel is definitely accessible - we’re getting married there next year. 

    Join the Santorini Brides facebook page and others will be able to help you out with advice and suggestions

  • Hello,

    In order to answer a few questions.  Before you consider booking Le Ciel, you need to know that there is a minimum guest requirement during certain months. This is 30 guests, so if you only have 20 guest, you need to pay for another 10 guests at the value of the food menu you have chosen.

    There are about 3 steps to the terrace so very accessible for WC access.

    With regards to the other venues - 

    Saint Irini - shallow steps but I would not recommend it.
    Santo Winery - I have been emailed tonight by a bride asking about Santo Winery and Wheel Chair access, she has been told it is step access only by another planner. This is completely inaccurate and I can confirm that there is a ramp at this venue.  This clearly shows that you should not take all planners at their word, easy way to find out, phone the venue, here ill even provide the details 
    Mrs. Smaravga Trivoulidi, Excecutive Assistant
    [email protected]
    tel: +22860 22596 ext. 139

    Pyrgos - WC access
    Dana Villas - 185 steps

    I hope this helps, and if you want further assistance, feel free to join our facebook group where we offer help and advice, the suppliers in this group don't just sell.

    Best Wishes



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