French Wedding

Hi Everyone, 

I'm looking to have a wedding in France, during summer 2019 or 2020 depending on availability!  

I would love to have a relaxed wedding, where I could hire a house for a long weekend and have a blessing in the garden of the house and the wedding reception on a Saturday. Followed by a relaxed pool party the Sunday. A venue which allows is to provide our own alcohol is a must to keep the cost down.


Ideally I would love to have a budget of food and wedding venue for max 10000 euros for 80 - 100 guests. With the guests staying off site in hotels


Does anyone have any suggestions for a unique quirky venue or a house with a beautiful garden?

We'd love to make a long weekend of it, appreciate any suggestions. 




  • Lucy385Lucy385 Posts: 3

    Hi, Emily,

    Maybe I can help you find what you need. I know someone in France, whose name is Aurélie. It is a wedding planner specialized in wedding planning in France for foreigners.
    Go take a look at his site:

    Last year, my sister did indeed realize her marriage in France thanks to this person. And it was really beautiful!! She got married near Bordeaux.

    I'm sure she can help you get married in the south of France. Being French, she knows many beautiful places that might interest you. :)


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