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Any Italy or Sorrento 2019 brides out there


I thought I would start a thread as I’m in the middle of planning my wedding in Sorrento 2019

iv had lots of ideas off this forum and advice so thought I would start my own ..

we are just waiting on a date from the Cloisters hope it comes through soon as I can pay all the relevant deposits 

we have found accomodation for the wedding party and also decided on the Castore based on its reviews 




  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    Hi! Congratulations! Sorrento looks beautiful As does the Cloisters. We are getting married in Tuscany in May 2019. We have booked the venue but that’s about it - starting to research guest accommission and photographers and videographers (ouch! More expensive than I thought!). We did look at the Amalfi coast and the Cloisters would have been my ceremony choice but thought guest accommodation looked quite expensive and as we are having a larger wedding (70 people or so) decided Tuscany made it more affordable for more people. We might go for a minimoon though!

    We’ve got a wedding planner and she’s said that things like catering and florist we won’t do until autumn which concerned me at first but I know they’re still booking suppliers for weddings this year so I guess I just need to adopt the laid back approach and focus on what I can be doing this year!


  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 224 New bride

    Having got married in Lake Como last year please be advised that the Italians are much more laid back about things,( I’m sure I drove mine up the wall) but trust that they know what they are doing and all will come good in the end! 

    Ive just booked a week in sorrento for our first wedding anniversary. Italy will always be so special to us. Good luck for what I’m sure will be beautiful weddings x

  • Hi both 


    Yes the Italians are very relaxed with things I may have to wait 6 weeks for the date to be confirmed I have found that most things in Sorrento appear to be a lot cheaper than the uk apart from hair and make up 

    we’re only having approximately 30 people and have managed to find some apartments that that our wedding party will stay in so we will have the whole of complex which is working out a lot cheaper than hotels 

    Good luck with your wedding plans x


  • Hi everyone

    I am getting married in 2019 in Sorrento, also just waiting for the ceremony date at the Cloisters to be confirmed which is likely to be another few weeks. We’re having the reception at Villa Antiche Mura. We are going out to Sorrento for a week in May to meet our planner and see the venues, so excited!

    I can’t wait to start organising once the date is confirmed!

    Good idea to start this thread, hopefully we will be able to share some good tips and ideas.


  • Jenny172Jenny172 Posts: 3

    Hi there,

    My fiancée and I have chosen to get married in Sorrento in August 2019. Currently in the process of looking for wedding planner or company to help assist - any recommendations gratefully received. We want to get married at the Cloisters and are looking at reception venues - I can't decide between Blue Relais ( which will probably be more expensive) as I love the sea views and location but have heard so many great things about Castore that I am torn. I was hoping to have a few nights stay at the Blu Relais but actually would much rather the guests have a fab time than be swayed by a swanky posh hotel! Any help or advice would be great if anyone has experience of the two venues...My son will be four and niece and nephew will be three and two so Castore might be better option - think we will have around 30 guests roughly.

    so excited and cant wait to get planning - any advice welcome! 

  • emmafernemmafern Posts: 1

    Hi and congratulations on your engagement :)


    We are getting married in 2019 in Sorrento, am having the ceremony at Cloisters and the reception at Villa Antiche Mura also! We are going in June this year to meet everyone and I can't wait either! MrsClarkeToBe you will have to report back so we can hear everything before I go :)


    We have only booked the ceremony and reception so far, have found a photographer I like but am going to do some research before visiting in June so we can potentially meet them them!


    Good luck planning girlies and keep us updated :p


  • Jenny172Jenny172 Posts: 3

    Hi Mrs Clarketobe and Emmafern

    Have either of you got wedding planners? Who have you gone with? I am currently torn and can't decide between two who I have been in contact with.

    i have now found another potential venue - Hotel Meditteraneo which has an amazing sky bar. It's so hard I feel like I will never be able to make any decisions!!!

  • Katie-38Katie-38 Posts: 5

    Hi sorry for the delay Iv been completely forgetting to check this thread 

    I’m going with Allesandra from the book of dreams she is lovely and very quick and responding to my emails 

    iv booked the Castore and just waiting on my date from the Clositers .. what date are you hoping for ..

    im having abit of a wobble at the minute as someone has mentioned the extra paperwoek post brezit and potentially having to go to Rome .. this could be difficult for us with two children 😬😬😬 but my partner seems to think tjeee will be a period of cross over time xx

  • Hi ladies

    Sorry for the delay I’ve been away and kept forgetting to check the forum!

    My wedding planner is Cheryl Pagano from Bella Sposa, she’s been great so far! She’s from the UK originally, married an Italian in Sorrento and now lives there. She just understood what I was wanting from the start.

    Have you had your dates confirmed now? Pleased to say I  got my first choice date confirmed on Friday :-)

    What has been said about extra paperwork? That’s a bit worrying!

    I’ve got the ceremony and reception venues booked now as well as the photographer and videographer. After the visit in May with my OH I’m also taking my mum to see the venues in June for 3 days and I’m having a make up trial while over there. Has anybody researched hair and makeup yet? It seems very expensive!


  • Jenny172Jenny172 Posts: 3

    Happy happy now we have a date!!! Ceremony at Museo Correale gardens and reception at Hotel Mediterraneo 😃

    Our wedding planner is Victoria from Sophisticated Weddings who has been nothing but amazing so far!! So helpful and responds to emails sooo quickly, I am so happy that she will create a bespoke wedding for us using a wide variety of suppliers of all budgets. It means I can spend lots on the things I want to and less on other things. So excited to get started with the rest of the planning now. Victoria too is from Uk and lives out in Sorrento so it's a lot easier.

    I am just starting to look at prices of other things like cars, hair, make up flowers, music etc and I agree that hair and make up seems soooo expensive. I really am not too bothered about it being amazing but I would like myself and my bridesmaids to be pampered a little beforehand. If anyone has any information regarding some less expensive options which are of a good quality I Would be most grateful!


  • Hello there,


    we will do a wedding this year in Sorrento, at Castore Eventi on July 5th.

    So, if any of you is around Sorrento at the start of July, and want to see an amazing wedding band in action, please let me know, just send me an email here
    [email protected]

    Thank you and best regards



  • Alicia33Alicia33 Posts: 1
    Katie-38 wrote (see post):

    Hi sorry for the delay Iv been completely forgetting to check this thread 

    I’m going with Allesandra from the book of dreams she is lovely and very quick and responding to my emails 

    iv booked the Castore and just waiting on my date from the Clositers .. what date are you hoping for ..

    im having abit of a wobble at the minute as someone has mentioned the extra paperwoek post brezit and potentially having to go to Rome .. this could be difficult for us with two children 😬😬😬 but my partner seems to think tjeee will be a period of cross over time xx


    Hi Katie,

    my fiancé and I are looking at getting married in sorrento in Summer 2020 and have castore as one of our top choices for reception along with Villa Mura. I was just wondering how you were getting to castore from Cloisters and how far in advance you can book? Hoping to get out there in Feb 2019 to arrange things!!





  • Hi ladies, 

    huge congratulations too all! Me and my fiancé just booked to get married in August 2019 in Sorrento we are just waiting for date confirmation ☺️. I just wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere to have the reception? Hopefully there will be about 40 people to cater for. 

    Many thanks 


  • Hi Jess

    There are lots of lovely villas and hotels to choose from. I’m going out there in around 3 weeks to see our reception venue. We’ve chosen Villa Antiche Mura and will probably have around 40 guests as well. I’ll report back after the visit!


  • Hi Ladies, 

    Im planning on getting married in May/June 2019 in Sorrento, we are currently talking to Ionion Weddings but I was wondering what wedding planners in Sorrento you ladies could recommend as I haven't committed to Ionion yet, I'm currently waiting to hear back for a confirmed date....I see some of you have waited weeks to hear back for confirmation for your there a reason for that?

    We've fallen in love with Villa Fondi for ceremony & Villa Antiche Mura for our reception. 

    Fingers crossed I get a date I would like :)


  • SammAmmSammAmm Posts: 1

    Hi everyone!

    We are looking to get married in Sorrento or Amalfi Coast in late 2019 or early 2020. Just in the early stages... need to find a wedding planner as seems a bit tricky.

    Need to arrange for my family from Canada and Marc's family from UK to all be together at the same time!!

  • Hello everyone

    Im looking to get married hopefully in Sorrento in 2020 so I know it seams early to start planning but I need to know what kind of budget I need to aim for. Ive emailed Victoria at sophisticated weddings but not had a response yet so im thinking of getting in touch with afew more planners.

    Those of you brides that are having their reception at Villa Antiche Mura, I just need to know is it expensive, ive set my heart on this place but im scared if its going to be out of my budget and I'll need to find somewhere else which I might not like as much. Were looking at 30-40 people to attend the wedding.

    I can't rest until ive got some kind of prices, i'm checking my emails every 5 mins for an email from Victoria to start the ball rolling.

    Also its says on the sophisticated website they charge a fixed fee for the wedding planning, can anyone advise of this?


    TIA xx

  • Sandy30Sandy30 Posts: 22 New bride

    Hello Michele,

    I'm a destination wedding planner based in UK and originally from Italy. I organise weddings in various Italian locations. I would be happy to give you some advice. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 

    [email protected]



  • Hello Brides,

    We are the Italian Wedding Band, 10 years in the wedding business and over 400 weddings all over Italy for British, Irish and American brides and grooms. 
    Please check our website

    e can provide anything and everything as far as music is concerned for your big day:

    full live band with six, five or four musicians,
    string trio
    DJ service

    Please send me an email here
    [email protected]

    Thank you very much


  • Hi Sorrento Brides I have just came back from 4 days in Sorrento viewing venues for summer wedding 2020. I have had such an amazing time and so in love with Sorrento. Does anyone have any ideas for photographers and bands? we viewed relais blue, Santa Croce al pico, Villa Eliana, romantic relais (we stayed here) villa fondi and the cloisters. I can share any pics I have or the info on this no probs 


    ciao Nicola 😬😊 xx

  • Hi..i'm from Sorrento...and i've like to help the people that want get married here in my town.

    If you want can write me...i know many venues and i can help you for all services. For me is important because this is also a reason to learn and improve my English

  • Hi Hun:) I heard that Sorrento is a modern city offering high-standard accommodations, rich restaurants selection, Italian most famous fashion brands.  I am sure that this place will be the perfect wedding setting for you. Hope you will enjoy the city and atmosphere:) Thanks to You I found the perfect place for a new adventure:) Really grateful :)

  • Hi there!

    I got married this year in Sorrento and I chose Alessandra ( as my photographer. She's sooo talented and very romantic. The best thing I received from her part it's a lot of empathy and good energy during all my wedding day (she helped me a lot also in relaxing me and my husband for romantic shooting, as we were a little bit too nervous).

    She's not expensive and she's very nice in taking care of all your requests.

    I hope it can help :)


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