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Planning a wedding in Greece or Italy this year,.... Is it doable



i wonder if anyone can advise, we are hoping to get married this September or October ideally in Santorini or somewhere in Italy.

Has anyone got experience in planning a wedding abroad in around 6/7 months, is it doable without spending a fortune? And can anyone recommend a venue/place, wedding coordinator or tour operator. Not sure if dates will be availiable yet so that’s a consideration too.

we are currently looking at Ionian weddings; anyone have experience with them? We think we May end up paying for a couple of friends to go as we’ll so any information on flights and accomadation on a budget would be helpful.

last thing for now, does anyone know how the weather is mid October in Greece or Italy?

Many thanks in advance.







  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    Hiya, i'm getting married in Santorini June 2019 :)

    Planner - i recommend Simply Mediterranean Weddings,

    that's who I'm using and have nothing but fantastic things to say about Daz! He does the greek islands and italy i believe.

    Whether you spend a fortune or not depends on how many guests you're having and what kind of thing you're looking for. 

    October is the last month of the season in Santorini. I think the days should be in the early 20s and nights will be a bit chilly so need something with long sleeves. 

    feel free to pm me if you'd like info on santorini specifically x

  • EvitaEvita Posts: 9

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate your time.

    ill take a look at the website and then drop you a line with some questions if that’s okay.

  • Mila5Mila5 Posts: 5 New bride

    I can recommend a wedding planner who is doing half price for destination weddings this year at the moment but for Santorini, not Italy. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you her details.

  • Sandy30Sandy30 Posts: 22 New bride

    Hi Evita,

    I sent you a PM.


  • scarlett2scarlett2 Posts: 21 New bride

    Hi Evita,

    I got married in Italy, weather is lovely in October, above all in the south.

    If you're looking for a planner I heartily recommend Danila

    She is absolutely amazing, I suggest that you contact her for free advices and discussion

  • Hello Evita,

    I can suggest two places in Italy, both all inclusive, you can get married there, have your reception, and they have accommodation on site. Basically ceremony, location and wedding planner in the same spot.

    And if you are looking for music please check out my page

    Also if you need other info I am willing to help, just send me an email

    [email protected]

    Best Regards


  • EvitaEvita Posts: 9

    Thank you for all of responses. Apologies for the delayed reply!


    still looking at a wedding this Septembe, most likely Santorini if we can organise in time.


    Any further recommendations or advice would be greatfully received 


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