Wedding in South of France - May/June 2020

Having just got engaged, my Fiancé and I are planning on getting hitched in the South of France. 

To give ourselves plenty of time to plan, we're looking at a May/June 2020 date, with a preference on the wedding taking place in Provence or the Cote D'Azur. We are ideally looking for a venue where we can have the ceremony for 120-130 people, use it for accommodation for a few nights for some of our guests and ideally host a pool party - A Chateau or Vinyard would be ideal.

We have looked online but am hoping for any recommendations for a wedding planner/wedding ideas from people who have previously married in the area.

Thank you 


  • Hi,

    We found ourselves looking for the same idea as you and we found that hiring a place exclusively works best for what you are wanting. We ended using a site called oliverstravels which lets you pick date, accomodation and has ones specifically for weddings. (Note: that even the ones who arent classed as wedding venues on the site will still allow weddings) 

    We also looked at Airbnb which has a fantastic range too and another called Ownersdirect.


    We ended up going for olivers travels and although we are not getting married till september our experience so far has been positive. Our chateau booking came with a wedding planner but we still have to do quite a lot of research ourself (thats just because of our planner) so I would suggest a planner to help you with bands and catering etc.

    Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks for Coming back to us, and thank you for the advice, we'be been looking on there.

    How have you found sourcing things abroad? 


  • Hi, we got married last year at chateau de la ligne, just outside of Bordeaux. We spoke with Beth from marry me in France who was really helpful but didn’t actually end up going with any of their properties. Our chateau have a wedding planner which took the stress out of it for us, but were equally very flexible. There is a Facebook group called French bridal cafe which I discovered after we’d booked ours, which is really helpful and people can recommend locations etc. 

    We looked at Oliver’s travels too but found their responses quite poor (this was over 2 years ago now so may be much improved) 

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    I have my best friend who got married in France last year. It was on a beach in the Mediterranean, near Cannes. To be able to better organize her wedding, she had found lots of ideas from this blog: . There's a lot of articles about getting married in France!

    I hope this helps!


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