Anybody planning for a 2021 wedding?

Me and my partner were planning on a 2020 wedding for our 10 year anniversary until we got our dates mixed up and our 10 year anniversary is next year 😮. We cant do next year so we were thinking about now doing it in 2021 to give us time to save a bit more. How early is to early to book something? We want to get married abroad but not sure where yet we were thinking about maybe croatia or i like italy, we like somewhere with a bit of culture and nice scenery any recommendations appreciated 😁 thankyou!! 


  • CareneCarene Posts: 21

    Hi Kerrie,


    May be Greece is an idea . Santorini is idylic for a 10 year anniversary. You can check Marryme in Greece to ask for price and ideas 

    Wishing you all the best 

  • Hi Kerrie, although I’m getting married here and 2020 I’ve already started to book things and place deposits then it gives me time to save up and pay off x

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    Hiya I got married in June 2016, we booked the wedding in August 2014, from January 2015 we started to tell the wedding planner what we wanted but things didn't have to be finalised till April 2016, me and the family booked the holiday May 2015 for the following June, if u r booking with a planner you may b able to book the ceremony and reception but it just depends but holiday wise you can't do that till 2020 hope this helps x

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