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My fiance and I recently got engaged and are hoping to tie the knot in Italy in 2019. Does anyone have any advice as to where we even begin?!


We would ideally like the civil ceremony and reception to take place in a countryside hamlet or villa with accommodation on site with picturesque outside spaces.


Any help hugely appreciated!





  • Hi Becky! Firstly...congratulations! And Italy is the most perfect wedding location, I love it!

    I'm a wedding photographer and have done a few in Italy (I'm also part Italian so it's extra special for me <3 ) I did a wedding at a venue called Casa Bruciata It is on the Tuscan border, you can stay on site - which is what my couple did - and get married in front of the most amazing views. There is a pool, the couple and their guests were swimming on the morning of the wedding! And the staff there and wedding planner are absolutely perfect and so helpful.

    Have a look at my blog post of this wedding and I would love to be considered for your photography...this is a venue I am dying to go back to! 

    Sam xx

  • Becky563Becky563 Posts: 5

    Hi Sam!


    Thank you very much! I looks beautiful.


    I will note the venue and your details if you don't mind :)



  • Hi, and CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting :)

    I went out and visited a number of venues in Tuscany and Sorrento on my own wedding venue search and also gave some general info on the area so you might find my thread helpful if Italy is of interest!

    Useful starting points to consider are:

    - do you want a civil ceremony or symbolic? 

    - what sort of vision do you have for the wedding... beachfront/ in the hills/ castle/ rustic farmhouse/ modern restaurant etc

    - how many people?

    - how far from nearest airport? Worth checking your local airports fly there too 

    - what guide budget are you thinking of? 

    hope that gives you a starting point to think about! Good luck and let us know how you get on xx


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  • Ashton SWAshton SW Posts: 12

    Hi Becky,


    I am a wedding planner for Sorrento, Italy. I work for Sophisticated weddings who are based in Italy and myself here in the UK. We plan bespoke weddings to fit your wants, needs and of course budget! 

    I have been an assistant alongside my colleague and company owner Victoria for the last 4 years but I have recently stepped up to be planner. I am offering a discounted planning rate for my first year, I would love to have a chat with you to see if what I do fits what you are looking for. Take a look at our website you can also find us on Facebook and instagram. 


    Please respond if if you would like to discuss further, I look forward to hearing from you. 



    Sophisticated Weddings

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