Wedding Favors

I need some help with choosing some wedding favors. 

We are getting married in Mexico in June this year. We do not have a lot of guests coming and we have arranged with our wedding coordinator to deliver some thank you gifts to those that have made the trip, as we can appreciate it was not cheap to come and that we are happy they are here with us.

I am struggling to find something that people will like. OH said watches for the men and a bracelet for his mum

What are your thoughts? X


  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398
    Sadieee wrote (see post):

    As its mexico some nice an good standard tequila?

    I like this idea! Maybe pair it with a framed picture of you both to make it abit more personal? 

  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    Or personalised shot glasses!!

  • Angelamay87Angelamay87 Posts: 153

    Both very good ideas. 

    OH said about a picture of us but I didn't think his friends would want one lol x

  • Issa19unionIssa19union Posts: 123 New bride

    Personalised glasses and tequila sound great to me, and/or bottles of hot sauce since it’s Mexic!

  • I would say a goody bag filled with snacks and drink for the room. This is what we did for our destination Italian wedding, and it was all snaffled. We also put a thank you card with order of the weekend in there, the bag was a smallish canvas tote That cost a £1, every thing else we got from a local supermarket when we arrived. Shot glasses tend to get left behind (also who wants just one glass???? I like order so would need a set) as well anything like candles and seeds. People like food and snacks. 

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