Le Ciel and symbolic ceremony only option?

i realise this has been asked in another forum but can anyone give up to date advice with regards Le Ciel in Santorini.


ive heard from 2 separate wedding planning companies that they have had issues with the liscence. I think from reading other forums this has long since been sorted but if anyone has updated information or advice I’d love to hear.

Als, anyone had or considering just a symbolic ceremony abroa? I’m considering it as it may be an easier optio, particularly with Le Ciel and doing it quick at a registry office before hand. If we do this we don’t want our family and friends to know as we feel it spoils the magic, are symbolic ceremonies pretty similar to an official one?

Many thanks in advance 


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    Can't comment on a lot of this, but when people have posted before about the pros and cons of telling family and friends that abroad ceremony is not legal a lot of people on here have advised against lying about it.

    Whilst they are similar, it is only fair to be truthful to people who are paying alot of money to go abroad (possibly their only trip abroad that year) about what they are going there to see. To close friends and family it will make no difference but I do have friends who whilst I love, I would not be happy over taking my only holiday of the year (at the sacrifice of one with my daughter to somewhere of our own choosing) just to find out what I saw was basically a blessing. Honesty is best, for majority of your guests it wont make a difference :)

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    Thank you for your speedy response.

    i appreciate your views, to be honest I hadn’t really thought of it this way, but perhaps it’s fairer to inform them.

    we are planning a quick wedding ( this year ) so only a few close friends and immediate family, probably 14 in total.

    As it’s short notice we are actually paying for 6 friends to attend ( fli and accommodation) as it’d be a lot to ask them to pay out for so soon so I don’t think they’ll mind either way in honesty, they are happy for a freebie weekend away and thars a big chunk of our over bu spent on them.

    As far as parents and siblings are concerned perhaps you are right we’d be better letting them know.


    if anyone else can advise on what a symbolic ceremony is like I’d love to hear

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    Le Ciel is now sorted so no worries there. they would have been closed completely not just for legal ceremonie as the issue wasn’t with the wedding licence. 

    I believe the symbolic is almost identical to the legal but I agree with letting people know it’s that x

  • We are having a Registry Office wedding in UK and a humanist blessing in Sicily, all friends and family know this.  We are working with our celebrant on the blessing and it will be a lovely memorable service, so even though it is not legal, it will feel special, no one has dropped out of the wedding or refused to come as it's not "legal", but i feel happier being honest with them so their is no doubt

  • EvitaEvita Posts: 9

    Thank you for your comments everyone.

    i appreciate your time

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