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Holiday Village Kos

Hello all,

New to the forum. We have booked our big day for June 2019 at the Holiday Village in Kos.

Has any other brides booked for here? 

We book our holiday part of it Next Thursday. I'm getting super stressed with it all as it looks like prices for the fortnight holiday has shot up in price...

Everything is a hefty extra too :| We opted for abroad as it was a simple upfront fee stress free ready made package which it is proving not to be :( 

I really wanted a beach wedding reception but prices per head are ridiculous so may have to settle for a do when back home for those who couldn't make it.

I do want a beach wedding I know that, but the wedding is at 5PM and with no reception in Kos due to cost I just feel as though I just get a wedding hour rather than a wedding day...

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