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Wedding Telegrams

We've got a number of friends who wanted to come to our wedding, but for various reasons can't, they are mainly my fiances friends and i would love his best man to read out "telegrams" (emails) from them during his speech.  The best man is a childhood friend so he doesn't know the friends who can't come.  I don't think my fiance would even think about this detail, but would really appreciate it on the day. 

So my question is, should I give the best man the email details and hope he sorts it out?

Or email everyone individually copying in the best man and then the ball is in the individuals courts, if they want to give us a message they can?

Or should i just leave it?


  • Amy491Amy491 Posts: 58

    Have you thought about video messages? 

    Id message the best man and ask if he minds including it in his speech. If he’s got him own ideas and doesn’t seem keen could you do a quick speech?

  • nicki126nicki126 Posts: 248

    Some friends of ours got married in America so a lot of friends couldn't make OH was Best Man and they let him concentrate on that!  The groom's younger brother read the messages out from back home...there were about 4/5 I think.  It was lovely and I think the brother enjoyed having an important role.

    Don't know if that's helpful!

  • I think video might be a little tricky to pull off, but might look into it

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