Cyprus - Vasilias Nikoklis brides?

Hi all,

I'm Katie, bride for 2019! been engaged for over two years now and finally getting into planning my wedding abroad.

I think I've finally decided on Cyprus and am looking at getting married and having a small reception at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn (I'm in love!) and wondered if any other brides are planning or have already got married here willing to share their experience?

I know you can book this venue through TUI but have never heard great things about them with weddings abroad.

Can you book everything through the team at VN? can they sort paperwork and legal stuff? what sort of cost am I looking at for everything?

Would love to hear any info anyone has! thanks in advance :)



  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    I LOVE VN & kind of wish we had booked it for our wedding after seeing all the beautiful images on their social media pages. 

    We're using Cyprus Dream Weddings who have sorted all the legal stuff etc out for us. I know they have organised weddings at VN before so might be worth getting touch? 

    Good luck xx

  • Katie416Katie416 Posts: 3

    Hi Ruthie! Thanks for your response!

    where are you getting married now?

    i was originally set on the cloisters in sorrento but with the tree being damaged and brexit potentially making it harder next year (not to mention it being more expensive than originally thought!) Cyprus is my plan B!

    i have looked at wedding planners but since it’s only going to be very small and simple. Im not into traditional, I don’t want a DJ, videographer, bridesmaids or speeches etc I feel I’d be paying a lot for stuff I don’t want :) 

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    We're not getting married here -

    The Oceania villa - we are staying there for the week and doing everything in the villa (the ceremony & party etc) 

    The VN looks stunning - I'm sure you could sort everything yourself 

    We went over to Cyprus last week to meet the planners and view the villa and sort some details and it's stunning and I'm now very excited! 6 months to go 

    I hope you start a planning thread so I can have a nosy! xx

  • TrinTrin Posts: 2


    I to will be a Vasilias Bride to be in 2019!!!!!!! so excited!

    I will be visiting the venue in October this year, from the pictures it looks so romantic.

  • Katie416Katie416 Posts: 3

    Yay Trin!! when are you getting married? we ended up booking Vasilias for September next year! just trying ti get my head around the planning as trying to do it all myself!

  • TrinTrin Posts: 2

    Hi Katie416

    I'm all new to this so i PM you by accident lol 

    I don't know weather to do it all by myself or get a wedding planner, hopefully Christina can point me in the right direction. 



  • Hi Girls!

    I am a wedding photographer/videographer here in Cyprus and have captured hundreds of weddings here, included some at Vasilias Nikoklis. It's a beautiful venue.

    Thought you might like to see highlights of a gorgeous wedding we shot there.

    Brenda xx

  • Hi everyone 👋🏽

    We have decided on the Vasilias and will be getting married there in July 2020 😬 Christina has been incredible over these past few months while deciding on where to get married and she answered all my questions in a timely manner. Can’t wait to be a Vasilias bride 👰🏼

    How is your planning going Katie416?
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