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just wondered if there are any brides out there that are getting married in paphos 2018/2019 ?

it would be nice to chat and swap ideas. I'm in the planning process at the moment and its very different planning your wedding abroad and not having the luxury of being able to visit venues like in the UK!


  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Hello! We are getting married on 3.10.18 in Cyprus (Peyia Hills / Paphos) 

    How's your planning going? xxx

  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    Hi Ruthie, congratulations! Well I've finally decided on a venue, the reviews are great and turns out a colleagues daughter is marrying there and said they have been fantastic so far! The hardest part was researching venues and then shopping around to find the best deal. I was torn between independent wedding planner, wedding company or booking direct with the hotel! Decided to go direct. I emailed them yesterday enquiring about availability etc so awaiting their reply eek! How is it all going for you?

    Lyndsey x

  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    Ps I asked for 3 or 4 October 2019 at kefalos beach village x

  • Lisa429Lisa429 Posts: 11 New bride

    Hi lyndsay 



    Im also planning a wedding in cyprus in 2019 we have booked our accomodation and ive found the availability for the peyia town hall for ceremony sept 19

    Im in 2 minds about wedding reception venue its either in the hotel im staying at or ive seen a resturant called the olive green and that looks amazing. 


    Im going to look at another town hall as think peyia may be to far to travel too. Thinking if geroskipou town hall. 

    How's your planning going? Are you having ceremony and receptiin at kefalos beach? Xx

  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    hi lisa




    Congratulations to you too. We have got a package at the kefalos that includes a week in the honeymoon suite. We are having the ceremony and reception there as saves the hassle of separate venues, transport etc. Where have you booked your accommodation and when do you fly out?

  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    Ps do you mean the green olive on tomb of kings road? I've been there for a meal many years ago. Its near where I'm getting married.

  • Lisa429Lisa429 Posts: 11 New bride

    Hiya lyndsey 

    That sounds great at kefalos beach but was out of my budget i bet your excited? Do you enjoy planning your own wedding with out a planner? 

    Yes sorry lol green olive got it the wrong way round. 

    Ive spoke to them today and also spoke to the Avanti hotel which is where im staying at. Its coming up cheaper to have it at the hotel seems easier than everyone getting taxis to get to 3 places lol. 


    Also cheaper if i do it my self and not book with planner i was going to book wedding package through thomas cook but changed my mind. 


    What do u have to do with cake, flowers ,photos?? if you get package at kefolos  xx



  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    hi lisa




    My package at the kefalos includes planner and all the essentials I just let them know what I want and if want any extras not included eg band or dj etc.

  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46

    good choice not going with a travel agent sounds very impersonal in fact a woman who worked for one warned me off!

    only downside is sorting all your legal side of things, a planner will take all that stress off you!

  • Lisa429Lisa429 Posts: 11 New bride

    Yes im worried it may be stressful for me but on the upside the avanti is coming back cheaper which they have a wedding team that will do the reception side of things i just tell them what i want and all i do is plan ceremony flowers and photos. They even provide cake at avanti with reception im bothered about the cake its more about the dress for me lol 

    Im hoping to hear from geroskipou town hall today and see if we can book the date. 

    Was wondering what you going to do about invites?

    I was thinking doing 2 parts send one around this august/sept to give everyone heads up that were getting married and where and flight options and accomodation and date and time. 

    Then send another 3/4 months before to give more details of ceremony and reception as by tgdn we eill know numbers and who is definitely coming and booked to come. 


  • Lyndsey-4Lyndsey-4 Posts: 46



    I'm gonna do the same 12 months before cause most of flights only released then. I'm gonna put full information in them then cause people might wanna stay in same hotel or nearby.

    we are also having an evening reception on return so will send those invites out 6 months before as most of my friends work shifts and need notice.

    what date are you planning on flying out?

  • Hi ladies,

    Conrgrats on the upcoming wedding

    I got married in 2016 in Coral Bay, Paphos. I rented a villa for 2 weeks which is where we hosted the wedding and got officially married on a beach the day before.

    I used a catering company by Amanda Cane which was fabulous and i can highly recommend, decor/ chair hire etc was from Party City, Renoir Hair studio in paphos town for my amazing hair and make-up, I also rented a yacht and a double decker bus which really made the day. Paphos car company we rented 2 limos from for our guests.. they were good but really expensive for the distance. 

    Villa was from The Villa Group - I can send pictures if needed. Paphos Wedding Company who are event organisers were in charge of our beach wedding. I think it was about 1200 euros and that got us; private beach, minister, all documents and official paperwork, 2 witnesses (we had married officially in secret so needed witnesses) a limo, my flowers and a gift from the officiator. 

    For photography I hired an incredible welsh photographer but am also a wedding photographer myself, i offer destination wedding photography for free, just flights and accommodation to be paid for which can be pretty reasonable. Not trying to advertise but when i married in Cyprus I was really hesitant about the style from the photographers on the island, I prefer the photojournalism, candid moment photography and couldnt find anyone that did that. Am happy to recommend Pippa Carvell who was mine and her work is stunning although her prices have increased since i booked her or you can have a look at my site crystalrosenphotography[dot]com

    Hope all the planning is going well, here to send links/ offer help if you need any.

  • Angela153Angela153 Posts: 3

    Hi. I'm a bit behind you guys. We were planning in summer 2019 but due to change a in my job and my income decreasing we had to delay for a year. We are not looking at July 31st 2020. We are looking at Nissi beach hotel Aiya Napa. I've never actually been to Cyprus but have fell in love with the dream from other people's pics, reviews, videos etc.

    It l feels so daunting when you won't see people face to face. I'm trying to source a good photgrapher at mo and totally get a point raised about styles. 

    When did you guys send out invites and what information did you give? I'm assuming where your staying plus other local places? 

    Anyway just wanted to say hi and but into your conversation. Happy planning x


  • Hi guys


    I know this a bit cheeky but I am wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the current costs of your weddings and direct me towards companies that are delivering a reasonable price?

    Unfortunately, due to ill health in the family, we only have a short time to plan our beach wedding and get everyone out there (its all hands on deck at the moment).

    We are either going to get married in October later this year or next May bank holiday.

    We hope that we can all go away together and I have been looking into

    Cyprus, and would love any suggestions and advice. 

    Does anyone have any recommendations from their research of places that are not too expensive? 

     Also, any recommendations for reputable companies to go through? Or even a blog to look at?

    Any help would be appreciated really :-)

  • Aimee73Aimee73 Posts: 96

    Hi all, 


    Spotted a couple of people say they're getting married at kefalos. I'm currently in the airport lounge on the way back (we got married a week ago at liopetro, but stayed at kefalos). You won't be disappointed,we saw a few weddings and spoke to some other brides and it's amazing. The hotel is everything you could want! Let me know if you have any questions :)

    And if anyone wants a planner recommendation, I can't speak highly enough of Vicki at tie the knot Cyprus! 

  • Hey ladies! 

    I’m getting married at Kefalos Beach Village in September 2019 at their Eros Marquee venue! 

    I’ve been going to a kefalos since 2010 and you won’t be disappointed! 

    Kelly x

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