Cancel Wedding Abroad for Simple Registry Wedding????

So, me and H2B have 3 young children aged 5, 4 and 2 and we are getting married in Cyprus next May! A small wedding of 22 adults and 6 children.... 9 adults and 4 children have booked their holiday at a different hotel....

My H2B is getting stressed with his family complaining about how expensive it is and constantly apologising that they'll have to book a different hotel... I'm gutted that my brother can't come as it's too expensive.

H2B has actually blurted out that he'd rather just have a simple low key registry wedding and evening party for everyone else to join us then bugger off to our "wedding hotel" in Cyprus just the 5 of us for a nice honeymoon (!)

Could we really do that? I'm not against the idea as it would be heaps cheaper... our holiday alone is costing £6500 without the wedding costs and other extras... Offer to pay everyone's deposits they'll lose for cancelling and cancel the abroad wedding!?


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    Are you sure your fiance didn't just say it out of exasperation rather than actually wanting to cancel?

    If you can afford to pay for everyone's lost deposits can you not afford an easyjet flight and a cheap hotel nearby for your brother? 

    You also can't insist people cancel the holiday they've booked so they may still be there while you honeymoon even if you marry in the UK. I'd be massively pissed off if I'd gone to the effort of booking a holiday abroad for a wedding then was asked to cancel.

    It obviously was the wedding you wanted or you wouldn't have booked it, OH needs to tell his family to stop complaining.

    Even if you get married in the UK someone will have a moan about something!

  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride

    I agree with MrsCToBee, I would be massively pissed off if I had booked a holiday (most have to be paid up front) for a Wedding and then it was cancelled just to have the Wedding back in the UK because you’d changed your mind, i’d probably be tempted to not even go to the UK Wedding after that to be honest. You have to consider people have already booked time off work and some people could have been saving an awful long time for this, it’s not really something you can mess around with. 

    Sorry if it sounds blunt but I think it’s a really bad idea


  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride

    U can't cancel if people have already booked their annual leave and holidays!  U and ur fiance made the choice, now u need 2 make it work x

    As MrsCToBee said, surely it will cost LESS to pay for ur brother to go, than to refund the lost deposits and non-returnable costs of all the people u'd be pissing off by scrapping it?  Not 2 mention ur own cancellation charges...

  • Desert-brideDesert-bride Posts: 226 New bride

    If you cancelled your wedding abroad - would you be able to get excited about any other type of wedding? 

    Weddings are emotional for everyone involved (which is weird, cause it’s YOUR wedding) the cost could easily be off set by people stopping in different hotels and travelling to your wedding. And if you’re willing to pay everyone’s money back - you’d have some money to pay for your brothers flights!?

    I wouldn’t cancel based on other people - it would only ever be done to personal circumstances. 

    And - if people have paid money out, booked holidays and potentially lost out on going out elsewhere, they’ll be pissed off at the idea of a UK wedding. This is the type of thing which should’ve been ironed out before booking (as harsh as that sounds!)  

  • RubyCatRubyCat Posts: 272 New bride

    How do you know they've just paid deposits for their Cyprus hotel and flights?


    Normally when you're booking flights/holiday you pay the whole thing.


    You can have a party when you get back for the people who missed it

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    Don't cancel your abroad wedding. For one, people will have booked time off work and worked their other holiday plans around it (this may be in place of a separate family holiday for example), so even if deposits only have been paid (although as others have said it's likely people would have paid upfront) it's still a big inconvnience for people if you cancel. 

    Also, your Cyprus wedding sounds like your dream wedding! If you can afford it and it's what you want, then go for it! Don't compromise on your plans because some family are complaining about the cost. An abroad wedding will always mean some people can't come, which is to be expected and accepted if you plan one abroad. Also, as others have said, people will always moan a something. We're getting married in the U.K. and people are still telling us how expensive it is to travel/stay/etc. Could you have a uk reception for people that couldn't make it? That way you can still celebrate with the people that couldn't come and you get to wear your dress again! Have an amazing wedding x

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