Gouves Crete

Hi everyone! 


Myself and my fiance just came back from a holiday in Gouves Crete and want to get married in the chapel we saw there. We found a restaurant where we would like our reception and then would like to go to the Greek night in the mountains for the evening. We're happy go do alot DIY as just want a small chilled wedding anyway and got contacts when we were away for the hotel/restaurant etc! 

It's just the legal parts we would like help with...and we 'e not sure if we want to pay for a package deal to get help with this. Does anyone know of a wedding planning on Gouves that can help us without it being a massive cost?

Hope someone can help!



  • Hi Becky, 

    We will mary in gouves too  this year :)
    We booked a wedding planner, the name of it is "Sensevent". She is from Germany but I don't think that should be problem, though her English is very good. 

    But there is one thing you should know : you can't marry in the chapel. If you want the marriage to be accepted in Europe you have to marry in the registry office. 
    The officers won't come to the chapel unfortunately. For this reason  We will marry on the 18th of Sept. In the registry office (but outside in a nice park) and on 19th of sept. We will have a free wedding ceremony at the chapelle. 

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany and it's a bit hard for me to explain it.


  • Oh I just saw now that you posted is last year.. 

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