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Hi All,

Feeling defeated and like I am not making any traction with WHERE in the world to get married - at an affordable price.

Fiance is from Perth Australia (where we live), I am from New Zealand.  We have toyed with the idea of your typical wedding day in either country but we can't justify 30+K for a one day.

We got engaged in Europe on a 7 week holiday of a life time - that cost half the price of a wedding!

We're considering another holiday, with throwing a wedding in there somewhere. . . The thing is we just want something low key - i.e. choose a stunning spot to say our vows then have casual dinner and a few too many drinks with our guests (hopefully no more than 20 including us).

Has anyone come across a basic wedding planner - or guide, that might be able to help facilitate this type of day with only a small budget?

I would love to hear your suggestions of affordable yet beautiful places to get married in europe :)


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    The Positano area in Italy is very popular for weddings. Otherwise if you want to get married somewhere English speaking and easy the first place that springs to mind is Gretna Green.

  • Sarah1108Sarah1108 Posts: 1

    Funnily enough, I'm looking at New Zealand amongst other places. The photos of the heli-weddings in Queenstown look amazing. I lived in New Zealand for a few years and am dying for an excuse to go back. The only issue is that my fiancé wants to invite our parents and siblings and it might be too long a flight for them.

    Others on our shortlist are Bali (though not sure of legality of ceremony), San Francisco (followed by a road trip through Vegas, Grand Canyon etc) and Iceland.

  • AmabeabrideAmabeabride Posts: 16 New bride

    Lots of people seem to be booking weddings in Europe, places like France, Italy and Greece. There seem to be a range of budgets for these weddings. Think it all depends what you want and how many guests you have attending.  

    You might also want to look at places like the Caribbean or Mexico where a lot of hotels offer wedding packages and if you meet certain requirements, usually a minimum stay then they throw the basic package in for free. The hotels have wedding co-ordinators who you can liaise with and customise packages.

    Mexico, Jamaica and Hawaii are meant to be cheap due to the industry being big and lots of competition. You can also check out some websites that focus on destination weddings for get some inspiration from some of the threads on here.

    I'm planning to get married in St.Lucia. I'm thinking of customising a hotel package and adding some extras but still not fully decided.  I'm going on site visits week after next!

    Might be worth deciding where you and your fiancé might want to go on holiday to help you narrow it down and then research destination wedding in those locations. 

    Not sure how useful this has been.

  • Great x
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