I am recently engaged and need to get on with wedding planning ASAP because of my partners profession. He only gets a month off every June which gives us 2 or 3 Saturday dates if we want a honeymoon afterwards. 


We have our hearts set on a wedding abroad and I have came to the conclusion that Mallorca would be a good fit for us. There are daily flights whoch are affordable for people and its not a long journey. I am already tearing my hair out trying to find a day/date to suit everyone (is'nt this meant to be fun!? *crying face*).


After a few quotes back I am already starting to get very dishearted. The price of venue hire is proving to be extortionate and when adding up the price of food, dress, music etc on top of it I am giving up hope. 

Can someone just tell me if a wedding is acheivable on the figures I have..

Total Budget for everything: Around £20,000-25,000

Guests: 75-90


ANY advice would be greatly appreciated as I feel extremely deflated right now. 


  • MrsR2b4MrsR2b4 Posts: 2

    Hi Mrs S,

    I feel your pain, I found the same thing when looking at venues.

    I've stopped looking for a wedding planner and we're travelling to Majorca next week.  we plan to grab a car, travel around as I would like something quite laid back, nothing to fancy.

    How are you getting on since your post?

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride

    To be honest, there may be 75-90 people on your list, but I would think once invites go out you'll only get maybe half that amount wanting to attend - between it being school termtime, people's work commitments and people just not wanting to spend their annual leave and holiday budget going somewhere not of their choice, you may well find your numbers reduce considerably.

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