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Looking for a Saxophonist

We're getting married in Tuscany in August 2020 my OH is desperate to have a saxophonist to play some chilled type Ibiza music during drinks and dinner.  Does anyone have any recommendations, I'm not sure if its best to find a UK saxophonist who we can maybe go and see play live or find someone in Italy?  Suggestions most welcome!!!!


  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    I’ve included a link here for a saxophonist that I know is very good. He does a lot of weddings. Not sure if it would work for you as he’s UK based but he does travel.


  • Melanie82Melanie82 Posts: 2

    I'm having a saxophonist for my wedding in Capri and he's based in Newcastle. I saw him play at my friends wedding and he was amazing! I'm having him play as I walk down the aisle, for reception, and will be joined by a DJ for the evening to play ibiza style. 

    Here is his website:

    Good luck on your wedding!


  • HelenNHelenN Posts: 131 New bride

    I adore the saxophone, it's so romantic and beautiful!

    We had a gentleman called Andrew Taylor, he was amazing and very reasonable with his prices. He's played at weddings in the UK and Europe.

    He was voted musician of the year in the north east in 2016 and he played at Princess Diana's wedding!

    Http:// is his website, he was brilliant and if he didn't already have the song listed in his repoitoire, he just asked for 2 weeks notice to learn it x

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions, we have contacted Wayne on Sax he has the sound that we were looking for and seems to fit within our guest's age range too - ageist I know :)  Let's just hope he is available!

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