Hi everyone, new to this site. 

So, I’ve been looking at weddings in Cyprus, as we are on a budget. We would ideally like to spend between 5-7k but that’s Including a two week all Inclusive hotel also For my little girl who’s 2, my partner and me. Is this realistic? 

Can anyone recommend any all inclusive hotels that also carry out weddings? Everything I’m looking at is coming up about 3-4K plus for the holiday and the packages are starting from 3k.. 

so just looking for recomendations really from anyone who has been married in Cyprus or have booked and can give me some tips and ideas to get started. I’m hoping to get married in 2020 to Give guests a chance to save. But I also don’t want a super expensive hotel where guests wouldn’t be able to afford it 🙈 stressfull! 😂 


thank you so much I’m advance xxx 


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