Hi fellow brides,

Help please!!!

I am currently planning my wedding to be held in Umbria in spring 2019 but struggling to find good suppliers!

Has anyone found or used any suppliers in the region (or nearby) that they can recommend?

In particular looking for photographer/videographer, musicians and hair/makeup.

Thanks  x


  • Jordan25Jordan25 Posts: 5 New bride

    Hi Francesca. I am an aspiring videographer from Scotland. There are a couple of my previous wedding videos on my site, however these were all done a while ago and my skills have greatened and my equipment is better now! Have a look at some of the newer stuff on my website (work in progress):

     would be willing to travel over to film this for you too! Let me know what you think!



  • we ended up booking to fly out and play with a DJ based near by.  

  • Elena-Elena- Posts: 1

    Heei, I must recommend – he was with us on our wedding in Turkey and he is gorgeous ♥ he travel a lot, just send him message xx

  • Hi there,

    I got married this year in Sorrento and I chose Alessandra ( as my photographer. She's sooo talented and very romantic. The best thing I received from her part it's a lot of empathy and good energy during all my wedding day (she helped me a lot also in relaxing me and my husband for romantic shooting, as we were a little bit too nervous).

    She's not expensive and she's very nice in taking care of all your requests.

    I hope it can help :)


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